San Antonians react to Trump's visit to Mexico

SA Hispanics react to Trump's visit to Mexico

Before heading to Phoenix, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump stopped in Mexico to meet with President Enrique Pena Nieto.

If you're a Donald Trump fan, you see this visit as a good thing. But for the people who say they are offended by Trump’s past rhetoric, they say this trip might have made things worse.

"I happen to have a tremendous feeling for Mexican-Americans, not only in terms of friendships but in terms of the tremendous numbers that I employ in the United States," said Trump in a joint press conference with President Nieto.

Trump insisted that the North American Free Trade Agreement is a trade deal that benefits Mexico more than the U.S. and that he wants the construction of a border wall aside from the existing wall.

Trump said that he and Mexico's president didn't talk about one key point that has defined Trump's campaign.

“We did discuss the wall,” Trump said. “We didn't discuss payment of the wall. That will be a later date.”

Meanwhile, in San Antonio, Trump, or the piñata version of the candidate, was hanging out on the west side. This little guy is one of 500 piñatas in the likeness of the GOP nominee sold by piñata store Davany in the past year.

It's the store’s most popular piñata.

“He's talking a lot of things to the Mexican people. Well, nobody likes that guy. And I said, you know what? I'm going to try make this piñata. I wanted to make it naked, but I can't do it,” piñata maker Sergio Vasquez said laughingly.

He added that he’s doesn’t approve of Trump going to Mexico.

“Try to do something for the Mexican people. He’s a liar,” Vasquez said.

When another local Hispanic was asked if she thinks there’s anything Trump can do to make amends, she responded:

“I think he’s an opportunist and I think he’s trying to win over the Hispanic vote.”

Hillary Clinton has also been invited to Mexico by President Nieto, but her campaign has not said if or when she’ll accept that invitation.

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