Bexar County Sheriff candidates spar at meet-and-greet

Candidate makes major claim during debate

SAN ANTONIO -- Fried chicken with a side of fireworks was on the menu as the candidates for Bexar County Sheriff went after each other at a voter meet-and-greet at Luby's.

There was mac and cheese, dinner rolls and politics. Voters gathered at Luby’s on Main Street near 1-35. The less formal setting was an opportunity for undecided voters to make up their minds as to how to cast their ballots for sheriff.

“I'm hoping it will give me enough information to make an intelligent decision,” said Tom Dickens, an undecided voter.

The Luby's side salads were quickly pushed aside when the candidates were asked about how to improve working conditions of the deputies.

Javier Salazar, a 23-year veteran San Antonio police officer, made an accusation about working conditions for deputies at the Bexar County Jail.

“Female officers are suffering an outbreak of urinary tract infections because they're being forced to hold their urine for many, many hours,” Salazar said. “You cannot continue to immerse your officers in that toxic environment and treat them as a number, otherwise they will start treating the public as a number.”

The current sheriff, a 32-year veteran of the Air force and former USAA executive, Susan Pamerleau was visibly angry.

“It's unfortunate that Mr. Salazar doesn't do his homework and believes this drivel that has been passed to him” she said. “Women are not made to stay for eight hours and not go to the bathroom. So whatever someone is feeding you, I can tell you it is garbage.”

KENS 5 pressed Salazar about the source of his information. He says he has personally spoken to female deputies who say this is happening to them and other deputies who work at the jail. He says he stands behind his comments “100 percent.”

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