Prosecution rests in road rage murder trial

Prosecution rests in murder trial

BEXAR COUNTY -- The murder trial of Frances Hall continued Thursday.

She's the woman who allegedly killed her husband in a road rage crash on the far southwest side.

Today, the focus centered on the vehicles involved.

A Bexar county sheriff's investigator and a collision reconstruction expert assessed the damages to the two SUVs, and to the motorcycle belonging to the victim, multimillionaire, Bill Hall Jr.

First to take the stand was the investigator. He said the Escalade, belonging to the defendant, Frances Hall, hit her husband's motorcycle, causing her to blow out the escalade's right rear window.

Photos also show multiple markings on the front of the Escalade from where it hit a Range Rover belonging to Bill Hall's girlfriend, Bonnie Contreras.

Witnesses said multiple 911 calls from the night of October 10, 2013 reported an Escalade chasing a Range Rover down 1604 in southwest Bexar County.

The investigator explained that it's unlikely Bill Hall's motorcycle intentionally hit the Escalade to cause the crash.

"Due to the height of the damage and the height of the handle bar, if he was actually moving across the roadway surface, it's caused by leaning and it would change the height of the handle bar as far as where it would make contact with the side of the Escalade."

The investigator said the Harley Davidson motorcycle was pulled by the Escalade after it tangled up with the vehicle. The high speeds also caused the motorcycle's handle bar to come off.

Bill Hall Jr. was ejected from his motorcycle and thrown into a wooded area on the side of the highway. He died hours later from his injuries.

Tim Charles Lovett, a collision reconstruction expert, took aerial photos with a drone of the stretch of 1604 near Macdona where the crash happened.

Lovett's goal was to show the jury how that specific stretch of 1604 was a straight shot, and doesn't have any curves that could have played a factor in the crash.

Lovett said he also teamed up with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office to create a diagram of the two vehicles and the victim's motorcycle to show how the cars were likely positioned during the time of the crash.

"This point is where the motorcycle came to rest and this one was labeled as body impact," said Lovett, using a laser pointer to explain the diagram. "I don't know if that's where Bill Hall, Jr. came to rest or if there was an impact of his body with the ground,"

Prosecutors are trying to prove that Frances hall intentionally hit her husband on his motorcycle, causing his death.

They're also trying to prove Hall tried to harm her husband's girlfriend by striking the back of her Range Rover multiple times. While Lovett believes hall struck the Range Rover intentionally, due to multiple impacts shown on the vehicle, he says there's simply not enough evidence to determine if the defendant intentionally struck her husband.

Frances Hall faces first-degree felony charges of murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. She maintains her innocence, claiming the crash was an accident.

Court will not reconvene Friday or Monday due to the holiday. Defense will call their first witness Tuesday. 

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