Parents speak out about two-year-old daughter's death

Parents speak out about daughter's death

SAN ANTONIO -- Two-year old K’Lanie Reyes is gone and her death has been ruled a homicide.

Her parents said they have been on the short list of possible suspects and they talked exclusively with KENS 5 about what life has been like since their gregarious little girl suffered a traumatic brain injury last month.

"They said she was hit so hard that it was like being hit by a linebacker with no helmet on, so like a freight truck hitting you basically," K’Lanie’s father D’Vontee Reyes said.

Reyes said he wants to know who fractured his daughter's skull and why.

"The neurologist told me that it was one of the worst brain injuries she's seen," K’Lanie’s mother Patricia Tiaoqui said.

Tiaoqui said the loss of her daughter has been a nightmare.

“I went numb for a while and then I had a breakdown in the hospital,” Tiaoqui said.

The police report details how the girl was found unresponsive at a caregiver's apartment Aug. 12.

Reyes said he was at work when his daughter was rushed to the hospital, but he said investigators leaned on him hard, initially, but little progress has been made in the investigation.

"One of the detectives called me and you know, basically dismissed me from the case because of, you know, my boss told him that I was at work,” Reyes said. “My co-workers told them I was at work. And it's like it hurts that they would go to the extreme to even want to blame a parent.”

KENS 5 reached out to the caregiver but found no one home and had no response to a note left on the door of the apartment.

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Reyes said he has one plea.

"I wish, you know, if she didn't do it, she needs to tell who did it," Reyes said.

The parents said emergency brain surgery wasn't enough to save K'Lanie, so after five grueling days they donated her organs and said goodbye.

 “I don’t see how anybody in the world could be so mad at her to hurt her that bad. I really can’t,” Reyes said.

San Antonio Police said no warrants have been issued. No arrests have been made. They are working the case diligently. They have no estimate about how long it may be before any action might be taken. 

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