Real Men Wear Gowns: Men battle many cancers

Real Men Wear Gowns: The many cancers that affect men

As we begin our second year of Real Men Wear Gowns, Jeremy Baker talks to physicians about cancer, and four of the main types of the disease that affect the male population.

Many men are not fond of going to the doctor but if they go regularly, many cancers can be diagnosed early and cured, such as testicular cancer.

"If caught early enough, it has a very good prognosis, which is why it's important for [all men] to know what the warning signs are so they can go in and talk to their doctor about it so they can get examined and evaluated," said Dr. Patrick Pierre, a University Health System physician.

"We cure almost 90 percent of men diagnosed with testicular cancer if they are treated appropriately," said Dr. Deva Mahalingam, a UT-medicine oncologist.

Colon cancer is common in both women and men, but men have a slightly higher chance of contracting the disease.

"It is anticipated that about 140,000 people will be diagnosed with colon cancer in 2016. Of that, about 50,000 of them will probably die from the cancer," Dr. Mahalingam said.

"I try to explain with them, especially men with families, that it's not about them as much as it is about their family members their kids their grandchildren," Dr. Pierre said.

Bladder cancer is not as common as other forms, but men need to know what to look out for.

"People who environmental exposure, people who work with a lot of chemicals should talk to their doctor to know about warning signs," Dr. Pierre said.

"The thing with bladder cancer, it is diagnosed by the symptom which is quite often patients develop bleeding in the urine," Dr. Mahalingam said.

Prostate cancer is a cancer that affects older men and often is not caught early.

"Often it is diagnosed in patients [that are] about 50 years old, so elderly man are being diagnosed with this cancer," Dr. Mahalingam noted.

"It is really important that patients have a conversation with their doctor about screening and about signs and symptoms to watch out for," Dr. Pierre said.

That goes for all four cancers we'll be talking about over the next four weeks. For more men's health information you can always call 210-358-3045. You can also find the rest of our Real Men Wear Gowns stories at

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