Jailed pregnant woman overcoming heroin addiction denied methadone treatment

SAN ANTONIO -- She's pregnant, addicted to heroin and behind bars. That's the struggle right now for a woman from Schertz.

A New York City-based watchdog, National Advocates for Pregnant Women, said the mother and her baby could be in danger because she's not receiving the methadone treatment she needs.

24 weeks pregnant, a military veteran and dealing with a heroin addiction.

"It was a form of self medication after her trauma that she endured during her service," said Alicia Perez, Lawyer and Human Rights Advocate.

San Antonio lawyer and human rights advocate, Alicia Perez, said 30 year old Jessica De Samito had been suffering from PTSD and got addicted to a dangerous drug. On Monday she was taken into custody and brought to the Guadalupe County Jail. This after she tested positive for drugs which violated her probation for a previous drug conviction.

"She doesn't have to suffer and they do not have to put her baby at risk," said Perez.

Perez said in 2011 De Samito was caught and convicted for having a controlled substance. De Samito told Perez she tried to clean up soon after her probation was revoked. She was undergoing methadone treatment for her heroin addiction.

"I don't see what the hold up is to providing that woman with medical care," said Perez.

Perez, said the mother was denied methadone treatment upon her arrival at the jail.

"There's a 24 week fetus here that's already suffering from this withdrawal," said Perez.

Perez said she last spoke to the pregnant woman late Tuesday afternoon. She said, De Samito sounded weak, in pain and her unborn child was restless. De Samito told her she had not received treatment as of yet.

KENS 5 spoke with the Guadalupe County Jail sheriff and because of federal medical privacy laws he couldn't release a lot of information. He did say his "medical staff at the jail was addressing the situation".


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