Texas possibly in play this presidential election

Up for grabs: Could Texas turn blue?

SAN ANTONIO -- For the first time in decades could Texas actually be "in play" this presidential election? According to a new poll, yes. That could mean we actually see and hear more from the candidates here in San Antonio.

The 50 state Washington Post-Survey Monkey poll was released Tuesday. In the end, most experts, including those behind the poll, believe Texas will still go to Donald Trump, but it could change the dynamic of how the presidential election plays out here in the Lone Star state.

“Nine straight elections, 36 years straight has been solid red, not little red, solid red,” Dr. Richard Marbut Jr. said.

Marbut is a professor at Northwest Vista College and also worked for both Henry Cisneros and President George H.W. Bush. He has seen a lot of elections, but nothing quite like this.

“This is a weird election, its upside down,” Marbut Jr. said.

Marbut Jr. said a few things are hurting Trump in Texas. Like support for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and a lack of support from Republican women and a lack of support from Hispanics.

“You can’t win the presidency anymore and alienate 85 percent of the Hispanic, Latino vote. The math just doesn’t work and then you add in the fact that he’s alienated 70 percent of women. The math just will never work,” Marbut Jr. said.

Because of all that, Marbut Jr. thinks we could see more of both candidates in Texas, whether it’s through advertising, or in person.

“I'm Hillary, I come to Texas and I go down into the valley and I go maybe somewhere between San Antonio and the valley, Brownsville, one or the other, or both. And it forces Trump to spend some money here he doesn't have,” Marbut Jr. said.

The last time Texas was “in play” was with Jimmy Carter in 1976. Marbut Jr. doesn’t think Texas is truly in play just yet but is getting there. He also thinks Trump will ultimately win Texas by about four or five percent.

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