How rain could affect Election Day turn out

Could rain drive voter turnout down?

SAN ANTONIO -- We are hours away from Election Day, and election officials are already monitoring the forecast to see if Mother Nature will play a role in Tuesday's voter turnout.

In the past, there have been sayings like, "If it’s cold, Republicans won't come to the polls." Or, "If there's rain, it'll keep the Democrats away."

There's been evidence supporting and negating both of these over the years. But election officials have a message for all of you. Don't let the weather change your mind.

"They have to be safe they have to make sure there are no thunderstorms, there are no floods," said Bexar County Elections Administrator Jacque Callanen.

There were no floods for the 2012 Presidential Election where voters lined up to cast their ballot for Obama or Romney. San Antonio saw a high of 77 under mostly sunny skies, along with a turnout of over 918,000 in Bexar County.

Similar numbers were seen in both the 2008 General Election and the 2004 Presidential Race. Both years were mainly dry with over 900,000 voting in each election.

"This is way too important for people to sit out. I really hope that they go," Callanen said.

In the 2000 General Election where George W. Bush and Al Gore squared off, you'd think with the Governor of Texas in the race, numbers would be through the roof. But here in San Antonio that day saw rain and a high of only 57, and the voter turnout was substantially lower at just under 872,000 people going to the polls.

Across the country, rain could influence voter turnout from Texas up to the Great Lakes. But for many of the battleground states its chamber of commerce weather, including out west for Nevada and Colorado, and along the east coast of Florida, through the many battleground states of the mid-Atlantic and northeast.

Regardless of the weather, election officials say they have a plan for some locations.

"The schools at the end of the day will be able to move voters inside once the students and the buses have left that area so we will just have to wait and see," Callenan said.

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