Getting the Cowboys back to the Super Bowl

Seattle beats Denver 43-8 on Sunday, and Broncos fans feel pretty bad about that tonight. But they do need to remember this:

They just finished a season where they won two playoff games. That's 34 seasons in Cowboys years.

That game hadn't been over 30 minutes Sunday night when people started writing:

Can they do it again?

Is Seattle a dynasty in the making?

It's been 10 years since New England won back-to-back Super Bowls... been done only three times in the last 22 years.

Hard to build a dynasty in this salary cap league, but I guess we have to ask. And now that Seattle has won Super Bowl XLVIII, it reminds us again of where the Cowboys used to be... and why they aren t there anymore.

Seattle hired Pete Carroll to be their coach and general manager just four years ago. He hired the man who has that general manager title now, but it's Pete Carroll who has the final say on all football decisions.

He took over a team in 2010 that had won only four games in '08, just five games in 09. And four years after taking the Seattle job, Seattle has its first Super Bowl win.

It s really not as hard as Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones makes it appear to be.

I don t even know who owns the Seattle Seahawks. I couldn t pick general manager John Schneider out of a crowd of two. Pete Carroll is the face of that franchise, and the head coach always is... of every great team.

Former Cowboys head coach Tom Landry was for more than 20 years.

You think of the Packers in the 60s, you think of Vince Lombardi... the Patriots of the last decade, Bill Belichick.

You think of those Cowboys Super Bowl teams in '92 and '93, you think of Jimmy Johnson.

The Cowboys Super Bowl team of 95? You think of Jimmy Johnson.

It s a long list of great coaches who have won Super Bowls; I don t think there s an owner who ever has.

Jerry Jones apparently thinks he can build a football team (and he s a football guy) because he played football at Arkansas.

I drive a car; maybe I can tell Junior how to win Daytona this month.

Jones builds the Cowboys around a highly-paid quarterback and a lot of old players he thinks can still play.

Seattle wins a Super Bowl with a quarterback a lot of people didn t think could play, and with an average age of 26 years. Only 6 NFL teams have a younger roster.

Jones has said he s going to look in the mirror and see if he can figure out what s wrong. It has come to this: We re playing Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.

But if Jones really is going to look in that mirror... and he does find the answers to building a winning football team... there's gonna be another guy standing there next to him.


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