Brush Country Animal Advocates saving animals in small town shelters

Pleasanton Animal Shelter saving lives

PLEASANTON -- The first time Suzy Swingle found herself at Pleasanton's animal shelter, and every time since then, she's had the same reaction.

"It’s completely overwhelming. It takes a concerted effort to keep your train of thought get accomplished what we set out to every day,” Swingle said.

She founded the Brush Country Animal Advocates at the beginning of this year, and what they set out to do was to shine the spotlight on animals in Pleasanton and Jourdanton's animal shelters.

“I think they languish until the shelter fills up and then before we got on the scene they were euthanized,” Swingle said.

According to the Animal Advocates, the biggest problem at most small town shelters is awareness. Both Pleasanton and Jourdanton's shelters are tucked away in those cities' water treatment plants.

"It’s not open for the general public and since it’s not advertised anywhere, there are people who’ve lived here their entire lives and don’t know there’s an animal shelter," volunteer Claire Quintanilla said.

Since the group of seven women came together to help the animals in these shelters, Pleasanton has seen a sharp reduction in euthanasia.

“They’ve been a godsend to the city of Pleasanton," the town's Chief of Police, Ronald Sanchez said.

Only two of the women are from Pleasanton. The others come from places near and far. Swingle drives two-and-a-half hours from Bastrop County to help out. She said it's worth it and her crew will do whatever it takes to save animals.

"We’ve been driving and flying dogs up to the northeast and to Washington state," she said. "Just took 24 dogs from Pleasanton and Jourdanton on a flight, half driven half flown, up to rescue groups in Washington state."

If you want to help out, Swingle said send the Brush Country Animal Advocates a message on their Facebook page.

If you want to volunteer at the Pleasanton Animal shelter, Chief Sanchez said to call: 830-569-3869. 

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