Neighbors on the hunt for cat-feeding culprit

Neighbors fed up with woman feeding strays

SAN ANTONIO -- Residents in a northeast-side neighborhood are on the lookout for a mystery woman who is laying out food for stray cats.

Neighbors say that the food has not only created hazards but has attracted other animals.

"People say she's taking care of the cats and merely feeding the strays but, at the same time, there are people who really don't like cats," resident Dana Urbach said.

Another neighbor, Mark Ramirez, said he likes cats and appreciates the woman's gesture to feed strays. But the food is causing a problem for him and his neighbors.

Ramirez said that he spotted the woman twice outside of his home. He describes her as being in her late 50s and driving a red, four-door car.

Ramirez said he spotted the woman twice outside of his home. He describes her as being in her late 50s and driving a red, four-door car."

"When she left, I walked over there. There were three big piles of cat food and she also put some can food also," Ramirez recalled.

He added that raccoons and ants are eating the leftovers. He's concerned mice will be next.

Ramirez said that another issue is with the stray cats that are now hanging out on his yard.

"They're actually waiting for her. She hadn't come by but all the cats are here, waiting," Ramirez said. 

Neighbors said the woman is now coming by at different hours with the food.

"It just seems weird that a person is going to another person's area. She's just trying to keep them away from her house. I don't think she really cares about the animals themselves," Ramirez said.

Ramirez and several other neighbors are trying to catch the woman. A person caught feeding strays may get a misdemeanor citation.

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