Eyewitness Wants To Know: Dangerous crosswalk near elementary

Dangerous crosswalk near elementary

UPDATE: On Friday evening, the city said that it sent a crew to the location and that the problem has been fixed.

There’s a jungle growing in the 100 block of Lowell Street and neighbors want to know why a school crosswalk has been allowed to go completely wild at the intersection of Hunstock Street.  

"It's dangerous crazy and it scares me!" said one woman, who lives in fear of the overgrown vegetation.

The overgrown crosswalk is just one block north of Robert B. Green Elementary. Children walking to school are forced into the street to avoid the mess.

"It's just a hazard all the way around for pedestrians and for vehicles," the neighbor said.

The sign warning drivers to slow down for students is completely obscured by vegetation. And the weeds in the right of way at the street are knee-high.

The sidewalk, which is mostly impassable, swarms with flies and gnats.

In addition to the problems on the street, there are problems in the fenced front yard of the abandoned home.

City code requires grass to be kept to 12 inches or less but the some of the vegetation in the yard is five feet tall or higher.

A San Antonio Code Compliance spokesman said that the owner was ticketed in June, failed to show up in court and was slapped with more fines, which have not been paid.

After seeing pictures of the overgrown conditions, code compliance promised to clean up the right of way and add the bill to the growing list of charges for the owner.

April Luna, of the city’s transportation and capital improvements division, said that anyone with a similar concern should call the City’s 311 help line.

"They can also let the customer service representative know that this is an emergency. If it's blocking a school zone sign or it's blocking a stop sign, we know we need to send a crew out there as soon as possible to address it," Luna said.

In addition to calling 311 on the phone, the city has a 311 app for smart phones, or complaints can be filed online at the city’s website.

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