Parents upset after district's response following possible abduction

Stranger tries to lure child at bus stop

SAN ANTONIO -- A 10-year-old girl reported a possible abduction but very few parents were notified of the incident.

Xavier Ramirez said that his daughter got off the bus stop on Van Ness and Stedwick Drive on Friday afternoon. He said that after she declined a ride from a neighbor, a man in a white, four-door car approached her.

Ramirez said his daughter told him that the man asked if she wanted a ride.

"She immediately said he looked like somebody from the neighborhood. He looked like a neighbor, but then she realized it wasn't someone that she knew," Ramirez said. "I'm really proud that she did the right thing. She knows better."

Northside ISD spokesperson Barry Perez said that campus police and San Antonio police are investigating the incident. But Ramirez said that he's not convinced that his daughter's school, Carlos W. Coon Elementary, and the district are taking the matter seriously. 

A notification letter about the incident was only sent to the parents whose kids were on his daughter's bus that day.

"I would be very offended if I was a parent that didn't get a letter," Ramirez said. "I don't want this to be settled as, this was just a guy who offered her a ride. Like, we don't live in this kind of society anymore."

"We absolutely share that parent's concern. It's a concern for us as well,” Perez said. “When we look at scenarios, we look at them case-by-case. And this was a judgment call based on the information that we had; to notify the group that we felt was impacted by that information.”

Perez said that the elementary school is planning to review classroom lessons on stranger danger.

"It is part of their district guidance curriculum, but the principal and counselor will be revisiting that for all of the students," Perez said.


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