DryBox claims to dry a wet cell phone in 30 minutes

It's happened to many of us one way or another. We've gotten our phones soaking wet. But the makers of DryBox Rescue say their device will dry your water-logged phone in under 30 minutes.

So many ways to get our phones wet, and so many ways to try to bring it back to life. We try ovens, but more frequently the ever-popular bag of rice.

"Who wants to be without their phone for two or three days while it sits in a bag of rice, never knowing when all the moisture is out of the phone," said David Naumann of DryBox Rescue.

That's where DryBox Rescue comes in. The makers say its the best way to rescue a wet phone.

"Before somebody goes out and purchases a new phone, or does an insurance deductible, or put it in rice for a few days, DryBox can save it in 30 minutes," Naumann said.

But how does it work?

"It uses three technologies to rapidly remove moisture from the device," said Naumann.

The machine prompts you questions and asks you to pre-pay.

"The same credit card must be used to pick it up that's what makes it secure the whole time," said Naumann.

Then place the phone in the compartment.

"During the 30 minutes the phone will stay secure so they can go out and walk around and do some shopping."

As time ticks down, DryBox does its thing. "Why play Russian roulette with your phone when you can just have the moisture taken out in 30 minutes," Naumann said.

Once its done just hit the "Retrieve my device" button, slide your card so it knows its you, take the phone out, cross your fingers, turn it on, and with a 75 percent success rate, you'll likely see a working phone.

If you need DryBox Rescue it'll cost you $20. But if it doesn't save your phone you get your money back as long as you can prove you had water damage, and DryBox Rescue didn't do the trick. Right now the only DryBox Rescue in San Antonio is in the North Star Mall outside of JCPenney.


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