Car crashes into home daycare moments after infant removed from room

Car crashes into living room of home daycare

SAN ANTONIO -- A car crashed into a northwest-side home daycare on Thursday, narrowly missing running over a 3-month-old.

"I woke up to the sound of my mother yelling and kids crying and screaming," said Ryan Gonzalez, son of the homeowner and caregiver. 

Witnesses say they spotted the driver passed out behind the wheel down the street shortly before 9 a.m. Thursday. When they tried to wake her up, they say that she got startled, and hit the gas running straight into a home daycare in the 3600 block of Anaconda.

Now, the homeowner is left to clean up the mess because the driver took off and never came back.

Seven children, all under 3 years old, were inside at the time. 

"I see the smoking car in the living room and I'm wondering where are the children? Where are the babies? Where is my mother? What's going on?" Gonzalez recalled.

A navy blue Volkswagon Jetta smashed through the front window, shifting the home's foundation.

"I saw the live wires of the house, the power line she went through, I saw motor oil all over the room, I saw the smoke leaving the car and filling up the living room where these kids are," Gonzalez noted.

Chris Garcia's daughter, Harper, is the youngest of the kids. About 95 percent of the time, he says she's inside the living room, but was moved to the kitchen moments before the crash.

"Literally her sound machine is on the ground where the car would have gone over," Garcia said. "Luckily, they weren't there."

Garcia's wife called shortly after the crash happened, and he rushed to the scene.

"[Harper] definitely had a guardian angel on her side that day," Garcia said.

Gonzalez says the driver claimed she was going to call her husband, but instead ran out the front door and kept running.

Neighbors told the family they saw the woman running away in red shorts and a navy blue shirt. The Volkswagon also had a carseat in the back seat, and witnesses believe the driver may have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol. 

"She didn't stop to think, 'Did I hurt anybody? Am I going to hurt anybody? Is this car gonna catch on fire at any moment?'" Gonzalez said. "The only thing she was concerned with was running away."

Police gathered information from the car left at the scene. Parts of the vehicle, including the bumper, were also left at the home.

The homeowner says she will likely have to pick the driver out of a line up. She hopes the licensed daycare will be back open sometime next week.

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