Texas gun sales up; some manufacturers not taking orders


by Ashley Goudeau and Justin Terry / KVUE.com


Posted on April 15, 2012 at 12:38 PM

BEE CAVE, Texas -- Edward Anderson's quest for a new gun brought him to Sportsman's Finest Saturday afternoon. The long-time gun lover says he wasn't looking for anything fancy.

"Maybe a little 0.22 or a 9 millimeter, just to practice with," Anderson said. 

He shoots for sport. Much like Cory Reiter who is buying a tactical rifle for his collection.

"In the military, so I have an interest, obviously in those," Reiter said. "Typically civilian companies who manufacture firearms, they compete for these defense contracts, and I think it really helps flood the market, the civilian market, with a lot of neat and cool technologies."

Technologies that more people want to get their hands on, creating a huge demand for tactical rifles and high-end handguns.

"Where I used to be able to get one of these custom made for a customer in a three to four month span of time, these are now a year to two year waiting period to get," said Sportsman's Finest firearms general manager August Crocker. 

Some manufacturers are going as far as not taking orders.

"That is really a first for as long as I've been in the gun business," Crocker said. "Key manufacturers, Ruger, a number of the others, have announced they are so saturated with back orders for this year, they're not taking any further back orders."

And it's not just tactical weapons that are hard to come by, even a Smith and Wesson will take about a year to come in. Dealers say it has everything to do with the fact that this is 2012.

"People that feel like there's a lot of unrest politically, and that the political climate might change and might become more restrictive," Crocker explained.

"It happened before. Just every democrat, when he gets in office they freak out, 'oh my God he's going to take our guns.' No he's not," Anderson said. 

However it's not just the fear of politicians that's driving people to gun stores or fear for personal safety. There's fear of doomsday. Gun stores even carry zombie bullets and shooting targets.

"Some people do it just in case," Anderson said. "You know they're always talking about the whole zombie, Apocalypse thing or you know, whatever coming." 

Another reason is fear of the economy. Crocker says guns are like gold -- a safe investment that more people are buying into.

Another factor in increased gun sales are female shooters. Crocker says more women are buying guns.

The gun-buying trend is expected to continue as election day, hunting season and Christmas approach.