Texas Rangers track suspect to bust car-theft ring


by Gary Cooper / KENS 5


Posted on December 10, 2012 at 1:35 PM

Updated Monday, Mar 10 at 1:03 PM

According to the Texas Rangers, for more than a year Joshua Slush was breaking into cars and stealing what he could – sometimes taking the car altogether.

Then he allegedly broke into a truck that belonged to a state trooper.

The arrest warrant says back in July, Joshua Slush broke into a state-issued pick-up truck and took a 357 Magnum and 400 rounds of ammo. But, as Slush was driving away someone took down his license plate number. That person gave the plate number to the state trooper who owned the truck, and the trooper forwarded the license plate number to the Texas Rangers.

From there the Rangers were able to track Slush to his apartment off of Ingram Road.

As it turns out, Slush had a record of breaking into cars. He had also been previously arrested after a narcotics bust.

So Rangers placed a monitoring device on Slush’s car and watched where he went. They said his car was pin-pointed to different car break-ins and car theft cases.

Troopers arrested Slush after a few weeks. The warrant says Slush confessed to at least 20 car break-ins.

Slush was reportedly not alone in his crimes. His two roommates -- Matt Salazar, Justin Joyce and Slush’s girlfriend all allegedly helped him.   

According to the warrant, Slush and his accomplices would, in some cases, steal cars, strip them of their parts, divide the parts and then sell them.

All three men, along with Slush’s girlfriend, are now facing felony charges of engaging in organized criminal activity.