Bexar County increases security for D.A. following North Texas slayings


by Karen Grace / KENS 5

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Posted on April 1, 2013 at 10:56 AM

Updated Monday, Apr 1 at 7:06 PM

SAN ANTONIO -- The brutal double-murder of North Texas District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia -- which followed close on the heels of the murder of McLellands's assistant prosecutor -- has local authorities wondering if the perpetrators have a hit list. 

As a precaution, local law enforcement is amping up judicial security. Officers say they are on the lookout for intelligence on possible threats to Bexar County District Attorney Susan Reed, her office and the courts. 

 "They've been briefed on the circumstance of Kaufman County," said Bexar County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy Tammy Burr. 

 "Of  course, we are not going to reveal our safety tactics," Burr added.

 District Attorney Reed says she learned of the murders through the District Attorney Association. 

 "I didn't sleep very well that night, I can tell you that," Reed said. 

 The situation reminds her of when her own life was threatened in a court room by a felon who wanted revenge nearly 18 years ago.

 "I'm the lady where they captured my bailiff and we had a hostage situation in the courtroom," she recalls. 

Reed says she arms herself, practices target shooting, and has faith that law enforcement is watching her back.

"I never go to sleep without the alarm system," she said. 

San Antonio Police Chief William McManus says the North Texas incidents concern him, but he doesn't suspect any kind of plot against Reed. 

"I'm stunned," he said of the deaths.  

"If anything is brewing here," said McManus. "We want to protect the D.A. and keep her safe."

"We will keep our ears open for any kind of intelligence," McManus added.