S.A. man fears vehicle was broken into using new sophisticated method


by Phil Anaya / KENS 5

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Posted on January 8, 2014 at 10:36 PM

Updated Thursday, Jan 9 at 8:08 AM

Over the last two years the San Antonio Police Department has recorded more than 35,000 vehicle break-ins. If that statistic isn’t alarming enough, it appears there’s a new sophisticated way thieves are breaking into cars without you ever knowing.

One San Antonio man recently had his vehicle broken into and he fears it was done using a mysterious device that has left manufactures and authorities puzzled.

“It was a mess down here, everywhere, documents was everywhere,” said Hussain Alismail who lives in San Antonio and had his vehicle broken into.

Alismail said the thief took cash, a cell phone and a debit card, but he said the suspects also left him and police clueless since there were no signs of forced entry and the doors were locked.

“No clue, no response from the police as to what happened,” said Alismail.

Across the country others have fallen victim to similar break-ins. In California, surveillance video shows thieves opening vehicles using a mysterious device that fits in the palm of their hands.

The crime wave may have spread into Houston area where car owners there reported the same kinds of break-ins.

“They got in and out with no damage at all and even locked the door behind them,” said Curt Smith of the Houston area, who had his truck broken into.

“We lock everything. We turn alarms on. We are very conscious about it. We know for a fact that we locked those doors,” said Kelly Lesser of the Houston area. Lesser had two vehicles broken into.

Now, Alismail of San Antonio thinks the same method was used to break into his car.

“I believe so, I believe so,” said Alismail.

There’s no police confirmation that Alismail’s vehicle was broken into with one of those mysterious devices since there were no witnesses. SAPD told KENS 5 it hasn’t seen any such incidents, at least that it’s aware of, where those devices are used in San Antonio.