FULL LIST: JBSA experiences closures, delays due to shutdown


by Kens 5 Staff


Posted on October 1, 2013 at 2:29 PM

Updated Tuesday, Oct 1 at 2:41 PM

SAN ANTONIO -- The Joint Base San Antonio is experiencing several closures of support offices and functions throughout the installation due to the government shutdown.

Some changes are closures in full while others include modified hours. The JBSA website is also not being updated due to the government shutdown.

Below is the list of closures and changes:

JBSA Installation Support Operations

1. Commissaries-closed.

2. Installation public schools - no change.

3. AAFES operations - no change.

4. Command Post Operations - no change.

Public Affairs:

1. Studio photography: Closed.

2. Newspapers: Not published.

3. Web Pages: Not updated.

4. Visual Information (Graphics/Photo/multimedia) support: Closed.

502 ABW Protocol:

1. Minimum manning.

Chaplain Programs:

1. JBSA-Randolph No significant Impact.

2. JBSA-Lackland No immediate significant impact.

a. Limited Catholic religious services.

b. Limited procurement and purchasing for the Chaplains Tithes and Offerings Fund.

c. Limited ability to schedule funerals and chaplain taskings.

Legal Services:

1. All three locations will operate with minimal manning with each location impacted as follows:

a. JBSA-Fort Sam and JBSA-Lackland: Legal assistance will be limited to members who are deploying and other "emergencies", on case by case basis.

b. Routine Power of Attorneys & notaries will be available.

c. Legal assistance appointments and walk-ins requiring an attorney will be canceled, except for deployers and other emergencies.

d. JBSA-Randolph: Customers will experience an increased wait time with respect to legal reviews, appointments, and other legal assistance service.

Inspector General:

1. 502 ABW IG office will be closed.

Air Force Financial Management:

1. Overall significant decrease in ability to process transactions, leading to delays in provided services. Hours will remain unchanged for the time being, but will revisit later if prolonged shutdown occurs.

2. Financial Services Office:

3. Military will be realigned throughout the 3 locations to provide customer service during normal service hours.

4. Civilian Pay customer service will be unavailable as this is an entirely civilian area.

5. All other services will be slower than normal due to decreased manning.

6. Processing by outside agencies (AF Financial Services Center/DFAS) will also experience delays where there is a high number of civilians in the workforce.

7. Financial Analysis

a. Accounting support will be 35% manned vs. normal with military members - limited document certification and end-of-year reconciliation will be available.

b. 502 ABW budget will be 12% manned with military members providing emergency only budget support.

c. Non-Appropriated Funds Financial Analysis will be unavailable due to 100% civilian support - will cause delay in monthly financial analysis and backlog any potential inventories, cash counts, or other activities.


1. Some areas may see extended wait times.

2. No booked appointments will be canceled.

3. Acute and urgent medical and dental care will continue, as well as follow
up and management of existing conditions.

4. All Wounded Warrior care will continue.

5. Pre and post-deployment related care is available.

6. Pharmacy, Laboratory, and Radiology are open.

7. Appointment booking is available.

8. Elective surgery and other elective medical and dental procedures may be
postponed (as determined by a provider).

JBSA-Camp Bullis:

1. Hutments, Classrooms & Admin Buildings will not be issued to units. Units
will have to make other billeting arrangements, stay in the field or cancel
their trip.

2. JBSA-Camp Bullis headquarters closed.

Morale Welfare and Recreation:

1. Closed: Community Centers(FSH and LAK).

2. Closed: Skylark Swimming Pool (LAK).

3. Closed: FSH Middle School Teen Center (consolidating programs in Youth Center for Children).

4. Closed: Camp Bullis Outdoor Recreation.

5. Open w/ Changes: LAK Outdoor Recreation - Change in hrs: 0800 to 1600 Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri (closed Thurs). Small rental items only (no towing equipment).

6. Open w/Changes: LAK Paint Ball - Change in hrs: Open only Sat & Sun 1330 - 1700.

7. Open: FSH Outdoor Recreation.

8. Open: ITT within LAK Arnold Hall Community Center.

9. Open: ITT within FSH Community Center until 1400 hrs.

10. Open: Java Café within FSH Community Center - Change in hrs 0700 to 1300 hrs.

11. Open: All Fitness Centers (pending approval of exempt UFM & NAFMOA positions).

12. Open: FSH Youth Programs open until 1830 hrs (pending approval of exempt UFM

13. Open: LAK & RAN Youth Programs open until 1830 hrs.

14. Open: FSH Equestrian Center (pending approval of exempt UFM positions).

15. Open: RAN Community Services Mall.

16. Open: All Child Development Center/Programs.

17. Open: All School Age Programs.

18. Open: FSH Harlequin Dinner Theatre.

19. Open: All Arts and Crafts to include Auto Skills.

20. Open: Canyon Lake, Golf, Bowling and Clubs.
Note: Rambler 120 event TBD no later than COB Wednesday. If furlough continues, event will be postponed.

Military, Civilian Personnel, and Readiness Services:

Functions that will STOP/CEASE to Operate

1. ALL LOCATIONS - WAPS, Language, PME, and upgrade training/CDC testing
will stop at all JBSA FSD locations

2. ALL LOCATIONS - All 3 JBSA Libraries will close.

3. ALL LOCATIONS - Tuition Assistance (TA) applications cannot be approved.

4. RAN and FSH (only) Education Offices will be closed.

5. FSH & RAN Formal Training Offices will be closed.

6. FSH & RAN - PSM Services.

7. FSH- SAMMC & ASB ID Card offices, NAF HR, NAF Accounting.

8. FSH - Warrior and Family Support Center/Army Community Services.

9. LAK - Wilford Hall ID Card Services will cease...ID card personnel will
be routed to main base customer service to work back log.

10. RAN & LAK - Passports/Visa's at both RAN and LAK will not be available.

11. LAK - PRP processing at LAK will stop completely.

12. DANTES Guidance -- All National Testing Centers will close -- No DANTES
funded CLEP/DANTES Testing at JBSA Education Centers.


1. ALL LOCATIONS - ID Cards: LAK and RAN will continue to support existing
appointments/customers; however, FSH will be reduced to 2 clerks (1
civilian, 1 soldier) and will move to a true appointment-only system,
diverting walk-ins to either LAK or RAN.

2. ALL LOCATIONS - Force Management operations: processing time for
evaluations, decorations, CMS, BLSDM, vOP, MilPDS, CRO requests will be
significantly delayed due to reduced manning.

3. ALL LOCATIONS - Promotions: significant delays in processing actions
such as BTZ lists, updates for A1C for the 6-yr enlistment promotion
program, correcting errors in CMS, delayed promotion non-recommendation or
withholds, processing referral EPRs, and delayed Art 15 punishment updates.

4. ALL LOCATIONS - Civilian Personnel - 9 civilians have been exempted to
work CPO issues across JBSA (3 at each location). Due to manning
constraints, the offices will be closed completely to customers.

5. LAK - Education Office expect significant delays.

6. LAK - Formal Training processes will be delayed.

7. FSH - Bldg 367 ID cards will be open: (Emergency) 2 clerks.

8. FSH - In/Out Processing / Passports will be open: 3 clerks.

9. FSH - Navy PSD: Open 5 AF Clerks.

10. FSH - Bldg 1467/ASB Student Processing will be open: 4 Clerks (Army &

11. FSH - AF NAF Office (4 employees), AF CPO Office (2 employees), Army
Retirement Services (1 RSO Officer), AF Database Management Open (1
Employee), Army Database/Mobilizations Open (1 Employee), Army Transition (1
Clerk), Army Military Records Open (2 Clerks), Army Reassignments Open (2

12. LAK - Student Actions at LAK.

13. LAK - PSM products, limited capability and significant
delays in turn time for requested products.

14. LAK - Manpower office.


1. ALL LOCATIONS - DFACs will operate normally.

2. RAN - FMO

3. RAN - IPR


5. RAN/LAK/FSH - Lodging

Law Enforcement/Security Operations:

1. No impact to the three Security Forces Squadrons" ability to provide services for JBSA mission partners or visitors.

2. ID Cards/passes - no change to operating hours.

3. Gates & Visitor Centers - no change to operating hours.


1. Munitions - Open; minimally staffed.

2. AF Initial Issue Clothing - Open; potential for delayed processing of 28 scheduled flights.

3. Fuels - Open; expect some delayed responses supporting 24/7 flying ops

4. Air Terminal - Open.

5. Supply - Open; minimally staffed to service priority parts ordering.

6. Air Force Individual Protective Equipment / Weapons issue - Open; personnel will be on duty to issue mobility bags/weapons to departing deployers only.

7. Personal property - Open; minimally staffed; expect delays.

8. Passenger Travel - Open; minimally staffed; expect delays.

9. Cargo Movements - Open for priority shipments/receipts; minimally staffed.

10. Operations Compliance - Closed, 2 personnel for Resources and IT support only.

11. Vehicle Operations - Open for operations; military manned and aircrew support, expect some delays.

12. Vehicle Maintenance - Open for operations; military manned only, expect some delays.

13. Installation Deployment Readiness Center (IDRC) - Open; can service departing deployers only.

14. Lackland's Lighthouse BSC will remain open.

902 Trainer Development:
1. Cease all normal operations. One employee will oversee foundation work by contractor for the new milling machine.

2. ANG funded contractors (4) will continue with efforts underway that can be done without TD personnel.

Air Force Provided Communications

1. Official mail and personal (student) mail support is unavailable at JBSA-FSH and JBSA-Randolph.

2. Communications Focal Point is minimally manned--expect long delays.

3. Telephone work orders - emergency response for C2 functions only.

4. Computer/network

a. Local client support is available, but expects delays.

b. Enterprise support is available from the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) at 925-2900, but expects delays.

c. Blackberry support can only be obtained through the Enterprise Service Desk (ESD) at 925-2900.

5. All communications Plans/Requirements support is unavailable.

6. Communications Server support is only available for emergency response for C2 functions.

7. LMR support is unavailable.

8. Cable maintenance is minimally manned at FSH, unavailable at other locations.

9. Communications Infrastructure support is minimally manned at Lackland for C2 emergencies only.

10. Airfield support is available at Lackland and Randolph.

11. Information Assurance (emergency response) is minimally manned for emergencies only, expect delays.

12. COMSEC support is available at Randolph and Lackland for C2 emergencies only.

13. Records management / records staging/retrieval is unavailable.

14. Software license management support is unavailable.

15. JBSA Air Force FOIA, Privacy Act, Publications and Forms support is unavailable.

Operations Support Squadron (Airfield)

1. JBSA Lackland Airfield Operations (Control Tower and Airfield Management): No change to operating hours.

2. Weather Support: No change to operating hours.

3. Aviation Resource Management (Flight records): No change to operating hours.

4. Transient Alert/AGE Support: No change to operating hours (however, no government oversight of this contract).

Civil Engineering

1. Will respond only to emergency work requests (life, safety, health, and critical mission impact).

2. Routine CBRNE and deployment training (we will do just-in-time CBRNE and deployment training).

3. No Emergency Mgt SAVs.

4. No facility project design.

5. Minimal contract surveillance.

6. Emergency only environmental management.

Civil Engineering will continue to provide - No Change:

1. Fire Response.

2. EOD Response.

3. Emergency Mgt response.

4. Just-in-time CBRNE and deployment training.

5. Deployment processing.

6. 24hr service call desk (EMCS ops).

7. Water Operators.

8. All Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center Operations support.

Fort Sam Houston and Camp Bullis Army Support Activity:

1. Camp Bullis, Training Ranges: No change.

2. Camp Bullis, Firing Desk: No change.

3. Engagement Skills Trainer 2000: No change.

4. Training Support Center: No change.

5. Army Continuing Education No change.

6. Army Legal Office: No change.

7. Casualty Assistance Center: No change.

8. Survivor Outreach Services: No change.

9. Army Emergency Relief: No change.

10. Security Office (finger printing/background checks): Limited Service only.

11. Soldier Family Assistance Center: No change, emergency service only.

12. Warrior Family Assistance Center: M-F 08:00-17:00, Closed Sat-Sun and no
outreach trips.

502 ABW Plans Program and Integration:

1. Treaty Compliance observations transferred to non trained personnel.

2. Strategic Basing actions limited

3. Exercise Program

a. Operational Security Planning and training ceased.

b. Exercise Program to reduce number of exercise events and planning cycles.

4. Wing Plans development and completion.

a. Interagency Support Agreement development/processing and recoupment Memorandum of Agreement/Memorandum of Understanding development and processing will cease.

b. Delay in plans development, coordination and program management; Delay in Support agreement program actions.

5. Drug Testing/Substance Abuse (FSH).

a. Limit on all training already scheduled for soldiers annually.

b. Drug testing /specimen collection will cease at certain times (units with non-temporary storage will have to destroy collected specimen).

c. Limited civilian pre-employment drug testing; in turn will impact tocivilian hiring process.

6. Foreign Disclosure Visitor Access limited.