Canyon Lake Fire Dept. gets new toy, rescues man during training


by Mayra Moreno

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Posted on July 3, 2013 at 6:40 PM

Updated Wednesday, Jul 3 at 6:41 PM

Canyon Lake - The Canyon Lake Fire Department gets a brand new boat and after just days on the water it is used in an unprecedented rescue.

Its a $330,000 investment the crew said is long over due and they're ready to save lives.

It was the second day of training on Marine 58 and the Canyon Lake Fire Department was put to the test using their new rescue boat.

There's video of the crew heading to a call. On Tuesday, a man fell from a 20-foot hike onto a rock ledge. It happened along the shoreline of Canyon Lake.

They were able to load him onto the boat and treat him at the scene. He was then rushed to safety. It's something the department said was impossible to do before.

"We've gone since 1964, essentially the creation of the fire department, without this type of capability in the water," said Chief Shawn Weery, Canyon Lake Fire Dept.

The department bought it a week ago and have been training on it for hours. Its equipped with everything they need.

It is perfect to search for drowning victims at night and fight fires. It can pump 1,500 gallons per minute. The crew is still learning how to use it and will continue training for the coming days.

After their recent rescue effort the fire chief said the money spent was well worth it.