Foundation company leaves homeowner with unsettled feeling

Contractor won't finish levelling home

Veronica White moved to San Antonio from Michigan four years ago and bought a home on the north side of town.

Last year, White says she and her father began to notice they were beginning to have foundation problems.

White Contracted with Kino Foundation Repair to come in, dig under the home and place piers to re-level the foundation. The company did the work and shortly after the job was finished, White began to have plumbing problems. She called Kino, which came back out, found two leaking pipes and repaired them.

Shortly after Kino's repair job the pipes broke again. White says the company came back and repaired them again, but there were other problems.

The sewer was beginning to back up. Then, White says one day it backed up into the master bathroom and overflowed in the hallway and into her father's room. At that point White called a professional plumber who repaired Kino's job to city code standards. That plumbing company found 7 more broken pipes with leaks.

The repairs cost White a total of $6,000.

Since the repairs, White said her father has been trying to contact Jose Manuel Arteaga, Kino Foundation's owner, to get him to re-level the home and fill in the huge tunnels below the house.

They believe the tunnels, which have been open for 5 months have caused the foundation to settle again.

After numerous attempts to call Arteaga, White contacted KENS 5 Eyewitness Wants To Know to get some help. We went to three locations listed as Kino Foundation repair's office. They were not at any of those locations.

So we went to Jose Arteaga's home. After loudly knocking on the door three times, with no answer, we left a business card in the door and left.

We finally managed to get in touch with Kino. The owner said he was waiting for the plumber to finish his work so they could go back out and finish theirs. When I told them the plumber had been finished for quite some time, Kino said they would be back at White's house Thursday morning.

We'll let you know if they follow through.


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