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  • From Alan Hydraulics

    What's the difference between a single and a double acting cylinder?

    A single acting cylinder only provides force one way most snow plow and telescopic cylinders are single acting). A double acting cylinder provides force when extending and retracting.

  • From ME Resolution Center

    Question 3: Can individuals come into the office to file an EEO Complaint?

    No. We believe there are 3 sides to each dispute (Complainant, Respondent and the truth in the middle). Therefore, we only provide advice to individuals based upon the information provided i.e. resolution action plans, referrals to Agency HR, EEOC, etc. Businesses may hire our office to conduct EEO Counselling, Investigations, Final Agency Decisions, workplace assessments, etc.

  • From ME Resolution Center

    Question 5: How does one go about requesting training or services

    Individuals may request for a consultation or training via our website. Businesses are encouraged to contact our office to schedule an appointment so we may determine the best solution for services

  • From ME Resolution Center

    Question 2: What Conflict Management methods does MERC offer?

    Counselling, Investigations, Mediations, Teambuilding, Work center Assessments and Training.

  • From Alan Hydraulics

    What pump do I need for my application?

    First, determine if you have an open or closed center system. Next, determine how much flow GPM) you need. Next, how many components cylinders, motors) are going to be powered by the pump. You also need the size of the mounting flange, the type and size of shaft, the type and size of ports and the direction of rotation when facing the shaft.