Trio of good Samaritans save man from burning truck in North Carolina

Good Samaritans Save Man From Burning Truck

WINSTON-SALEM, NC - WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- It was an ordinary drive to work for three men last week. That is until they drove up on something out of the ordinary.

"We heard a big ole bang, not really sure what it was," Chris Owen said. "So we went to the intersection where Polo and Cherry Street meet and we seen the school bus was there and the guy was stuck in the truck."

Owens and his co-workers George and Anthony immediately sprang into action. They were on their way to work on Polo Road when they saw the crash.

"It was a rush. I mean it happened quick. It was fast," Owens said. "So you just got to learn to react to things like that and not freeze."

The Smith and Rowe employees' reactions helped save a man’s life. The truck was stuck under the school bus and was on fire.

"So the next thing to do was the hook a chain up to the truck and try to get the truck out so we could get to the fire better and try to pull him out of the truck," George said.

The men pulled tools like crow bars and fire extinguishers out of their work truck. They pryed open the doors and used at least four extinguishers to help put the fire out.

"It was just God put the right people in the right place at the right time," George said. "So I’m just glad we were able to be able to be there and help out."

Today Chris, George and Anthony received awards for their brave actions from the Winston-Salem Police Department and the fire department. But they say they didn’t do it for the credit.

"It's a new experience that's for sure!" Owens said. "But I'm just glad everything went how it did and he's just out and safe."

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