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  • Welcome El Rey Feo and His Court!

    Welcome El Rey Feo and His Court!add to reading list  

    No King is complete without his noble court and El Rey Feo LXVI, Jimmy Green has a very regal court with him this year. To celebrate his reign students from Kate Schenk Elementary honor him with a parade in studio! Join the celebration!

    By GDSA
  • The Reel Deal!

    The Reel Deal!add to reading list  

    "Heaven is for real" is one of the most talked about films right now and we kept the conversation going with the film's stars and director! We also sent our kid-critic, Justin Easterling, to check out Disney's new film "Bears". Check out his review!

    By GDSA
  • Score with this Winning Menu!

    Score with this Winning Menu!add to reading list  

    The Spurs are heading into playoffs and the AT&T Center getting ready with a winning menu! Get ready to score with a delicious Chicken Fried Steak Dog! Executive Chef Johnny Blackerby and General Manager of Aramark, Jamie Kommer dish on it all!

    By GDSA
  • Turn Up the Dial On Your Smile!

    Turn Up the Dial On Your Smile!add to reading list  

    Owner of Dominion Dental Spa, Dr. Tiffini Stratton knows how to blend Spa-like treatments with high-quality dental care! She's also joined by her dental assistant, Melody Persails to tell us what they can do for you!

    By GDSA
  • Live Like You're Always on Vacation!

    Live Like You're Always on Vacation!add to reading list  

    From gorgeous views to spectacular amenities, The Retreat at Cross Mountain has everything you've come to expect from luxurious living. Michelle McMillan with Northwest Luxury Living takes us in the lap of luxury!

    By GDSA
  • A Fiesta...Fit For a King!

    A Fiesta...Fit For a King!add to reading list  

    Fiesta De Los Reyes is a fun event that happens right at Market Square! Good food, Fresh fruit, and great music - Fiesta De Los Reyes has it all! Get the scoop on what’s happening!

    By GDSA
  • Whip Up Something Healthy with H-E-B!

    Whip Up Something Healthy with H-E-B!add to reading list  

    Charlotte Samuels, Culinary Nutritionist with H-E-B knows her way around the kitchen and makes sure she does it the healthiest way possible! Check out her delicious recipes for salmon and guacamole tacos, but with a surprising twist! Check it out!

    By GDSA
  • Game On! Lacrosse and Soccer!

    Game On! Lacrosse and Soccer!add to reading list  

    Kens5 Sportswriter, David Flores brings in Bill Montez, Tournament Director for the Fiesta Lacrosse Invitational and Alice Klein, Director of the Women & Co-Ed Women's Soccer Tournament. They tell us all about what's going on for them this weekend!

    By GDSA
  • Your home need a spruce up?!

    Your home need a spruce up?!add to reading list

    Click & enter to win your own Mi Casa or Mini Makeover now!

  • Click to learn about adopting a child in our community

    Click to learn about adopting a child in our communityadd to reading list

    Each week, KENS 5 introduces you to the many kids available for adoption in South Texas. Click to meet kids dreaming of a forever home.

  • Band of the West

    Band of the West add to reading list  

    United States Air Force's Band of the West performs live with a few upbeat hits!

    By GDSA
  • Sweet Stop at the Cake Shop

    Sweet Stop at the Cake Shopadd to reading list  

    Jose Salzillo and Chamara Jase of "The Cake Shop" show us why their ckaes are top of the class!

    By GDSA
  • Click here for healthy living tips from HEB

    Click here for healthy living tips from HEBadd to reading list

    Each week, our H-E-B Dietitians, Pharmacists and Partners share simple, affordable ideas to help you and your family eat better, move more and live well throughout 2012.

  • A Jade Wilson Exclusive!

    A Jade Wilson Exclusive!add to reading list  

    Jade Wilson is back and joined us in studio to premiere her debut music video on the show! Check it out!

    By GDSA
  • Devilishly Good

    Devilishly Goodadd to reading list  

    HEB Culinary nutritionist, Charlotte Samuels stops by to crack up a classic Easter recipe.

    By GDSA
  • Spurs Jeopardy

    Spurs Jeopardyadd to reading list  

    See who knows the most about our San Antonio Spurs!

    By GDSA
  • The Road to the Championships

    The Road to the Championshipsadd to reading list  

    What is in store for the spurs as they head into the playoffs. See what Talk Now SA host, Chris Duel, SA Missions Emcee Vanessa Macias and NBA Champ Antonio Daniels weigh in.

    By GDSA
  • Confetti or Cash?

    Confetti or Cash?add to reading list  

    It's the newest edition of Fiesta fun we're having in studio! Checkout our one of a kind game "Cash or Cascarone".

    By GDSA
  • Faith, Family, & Fitness with the Daniels

    Faith, Family, & Fitness with the Danielsadd to reading list  

    Join Sonya and Antonio Daniels on their journey to helping couples and families get on the healthy track!

    By GDSA
  • A Musical Pop For Fiesta!

    A Musical Pop For Fiesta!add to reading list  

    If you can't get enough of the sounds of Fiesta this Friday's performance of Fiesta Pops at the Majestic Theater! Little Joe y La Familia perform!

    By GDSA
  • More Than Your Local Restaurant!

    More Than Your Local Restaurant!add to reading list  

    It's a Bakery & Cafe that gives you more than just your basic meals on-the-go! Corner Bakery Cafe stops by to cook up a meal that'll leave you full without the guilt of a fast food fix!

    By GDSA
  • Reading Peeps!

    Reading Peeps!add to reading list  

    It's National Library Week and Alamo City Moms Blog Contributor, Sarah Roberts stops by Great Day to tell us how we can get kids imagining, thinking & reading this week!!

    By GDSA
  • Are You Ready For The Ride?!

    Are You Ready For The Ride?!add to reading list  

    It's one of Fiesta's biggest attractions and it's in town and it's bigger and better!! Eileen headed to the Carnival grounds to see what's new!!

    By GDSA
  • The Home You Want Is A Remodel Away!

    The Home You Want Is A Remodel Away!add to reading list  

    You're only a remodel away from your dream home!! Don Peters with Lone Star State Remodeling join us to tell us how he is helping San Antonian's construct & remodel the home they've always wanted!

    By GDSA
  • A Happy & Renewed Life!

    A Happy & Renewed Life!add to reading list  

    Are you sluggish and just can't seem to get enough energy throughout the day? The Hormone Wellness Center of Texas has a hitch on how hormones could help you!

    By GDSA
  • Hop Into Thrifty Savings!

    Hop Into Thrifty Savings!add to reading list  

    Gina Nielsen with Thrift Town Stores gives us a creative way to craft up your own Basket this Easter!

    By GDSA
  • El Rey Fideo

    El Rey Fideoadd to reading list  

    A new king is being crowned this Fiesta and it's all surrounding a staple among many San Antonian's! But who has the skills in the kitchen to win the crown? Take a look!

    By GDSA
  • Are You Ready for Confetti!

    Are You Ready for Confetti!add to reading list  

    Easter is coming and HEB has everything you need to fill your Easter basket.

    By GDSA
  • Fantastic Fiesta Gear!

    Fantastic Fiesta Gear!add to reading list  

    There is only one place in town where you can get amazing Fiesta medals and gear. Great Day SA Senior Correspondent, Ray Cevallos gives us a tour of The Fiesta Store.

    By GDSA
  • Fit Bitters!

    Fit Bitters!add to reading list  

    Kristen Beale and Amanda Rizzo recently signed up to take the Fit Bit Challenge with us and we are giving one more person a chance to get a free Fit Bit! See how!

    By GDSA
  • Hats Off To Fiesta Fun!

    Hats Off To Fiesta Fun!add to reading list  

    Dona Liston with The Woman's Club of San Antonio give us a heads up on what to expect at the Fiesta Hat Luncheon and Contest happening tomorrow!

    By GDSA
  • William Shatner Live

    William Shatner Liveadd to reading list  

    William Shatner tells us about his new movie Shatner's World coming to a theater near you.

    By GDSA
  • The Randy Rogers Band...LIVE!

    The Randy Rogers Band...LIVE!add to reading list  

    They are one of the most talented and hard-working acts in music which is why their success comes as no surprise! The Randy Rogers Band is taking the music world by storm! Check out their performance of songs from their new album 'Homemade Tamales'!

    By GDSA
  • These Shoes Are Made for Walking!

    These Shoes Are Made for Walking!add to reading list  

    San Antonio Shoes are high-quality shoes that are known for being stylish and functional, but that reputation is expanding to accessories! From bags to scarves, SAS features some great products made here in Texas! Fran Yanity with SAS tells us more!

    By GDSA
  • From the Heart and Through the Veins!

    From the Heart and Through the Veins!add to reading list  

    We all know that heart disease is a tremendous problem in the US, but what about our arteries and veins? Vascular surgeon for Baptist Health system, Dr. Lyssa Ochoa is has her finger on the pulse of vascular health and wants to share a bit with you!

    By GDSA
  • Don't Put a Price on Saving a Life!

    Don't Put a Price on Saving a Life!add to reading list  

    Charvette Patrick with Visions CPR stops by GDSA to encourage San Antonians to invest in learning how to perform CPR! Often times CPR is the difference between life and death. Former Visions CPR student, Megan Biehl shares her experiences with CPR.

    By GDSA
  • A Miraculous Easter Dinner!

    A Miraculous Easter Dinner!add to reading list  

    Any time we prepare a meal for a Holiday we tend to go traditional and make a turkey or a ham. This year, we think you should blow your family away with this delicious lamb chop recipe from Chef Steve Lewis!

    By GDSA
  • This Easter Picnic is a Walk in the Park!

    This Easter Picnic is a Walk in the Park!add to reading list  

    Registered and Licensed Dietitian, Linda Farr is the owner of Nutrition Associates of San Antonio and she has some tips that'll make your Easter picnic healthy and delicious!

    By GDSA
  • A World of Health Just for You!

    A World of Health Just for You!add to reading list  

    H-E-B is committed to the health of their customers and they go the extra mile to prove it! Here to tell us about the H-E-B Health & Wellness Expo are Ruben Cavazos and Melanie Cryer, a couple who lost weight with H-E-B!

    By GDSA
  • Dreamin' About Drew's!

    Dreamin' About Drew's!add to reading list  

    Drew Glick is a Texas Transplant from New York and the Owner of Drew's American Grill! He's brought flavors as big as The Big Apple and he's making them just for you! Check out his signature Drew-ben sandwich and fresh oysters!

    By GDSA
  • A Magical Event on Ice!

    A Magical Event on Ice!add to reading list  

    Disney has created a world of wonder for many generations and counting, but the magic has made its way to the ice! Disney On Ice takes some of your favorite Disney characters and they amaze everyone with their spectacular routines! Check it out!

    By GDSA
  • Get a Taste of New Orleans!

    Get a Taste of New Orleans!add to reading list  

    Fiesta is now in full swing and kicking things off with a delicious event! If you weren't able to make it to Mardi Gras this year, you can run down to Taste of New Orleans! Check out how you can grab a Cajun bite this weekend!

    By GDSA
  • Win Tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar!!!

    Win Tickets to Jesus Christ Superstar!!!add to reading list  

    Jesus Christ Superstar is an arena spectacular starring Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child and JC Chasez from 'N SYNC! Well, we have tickets for you to win tickets as the amazing show makes its way to the Alamo City! Watch Great Day SA to win!

    By GDSA
  • Boost Your Beauty!

    Boost Your Beauty!add to reading list  

    GDSA's resident make-up expert, Lindsey Lopez stops by with a few items that will help boost your beauty from head-to-toe! Check this out!

    By GDSA
  • Say, “Free!!!!”

    Say, “Free!!!!”add to reading list  

    Many of us avoid going to the Dentist, because of cost, fear, and anything in between, but did you know there are a few Doctors in town giving their services away for free? Dr. Gerald Crouch from Advanced Smile has an event that will make you smile!

    By GDSA
  • Front Row with a Legend!

    Front Row with a Legend!add to reading list  

    It’s not every day that you get to see two legends in one place. Well, TLU is bringing together Legendary Sportscaster, Verne Lindquist and Legendary Football Player, Archie Manning to raise some money! TLU President, Stuart Dorsey tells us more!

    By GDSA
  • Just Between Friends

    Just Between Friendsadd to reading list  

    If you're a parent then you know things can get expensive. "just Between Friends" is a place that wants to help your Easter shopping something you'll hop for!

    By GDSA
  • UFC You Must See!

    UFC You Must See!add to reading list  

    For the first time UFC has made its way to SA at the AT&T Center! UFC Fighters Cub Swanson and Kelvin Gastelum talk about hard hitting action you have to see to beilieve!

    By GDSA
  • "Celebrating My 15 Years"add to reading list  

    Many girls dream about having a Quincinera and is one of the most moments in their lives Beth Green and Jewel Perez of St. PJ'S children tell us how you can make that dream come true.

    By GDSA
  • Take the Great Day Fit Bit Challenge!

    Take the Great Day Fit Bit Challenge!add to reading list  

    Getting fit one step at a time.

    By GDSA
  • Disney on Ice

    Disney on Iceadd to reading list  

    All the magic of Disney is here this weekend at the Alamo-dome and our Associate Producer, Roger Soto brought us a moment of Disney magic.

    By GDSA
  • Rollin' with my Hamsters

    Rollin' with my Hamstersadd to reading list  

    Does your Hamster have a need for speed? Petco's Dwayne Naiser tells us how you can get in on the fun.

    By GDSA
  • Get Fit with Bruce

    Get Fit with Bruceadd to reading list  

    Join Bruce Bowen this Saturday at the HEB Health and Wellness Expo where you can get great tips on getting healthy and staying fit.

    By GDSA
  • Egg Hunt Extravaganza!

    Egg Hunt Extravaganza!add to reading list  

    The Great Day SA crew got a little Fiesta Crazy while hunting for cascarone at Zocca.

    By GDSA
  • Great Design from Conception to Completion!

    Great Design from Conception to Completion!add to reading list  

    Any time you're looking to design or re-design your home you want quality work from conception to completion. D Michael Designs President, Dave Peters is here to share how they can give your home just the right touch!

    By GDSA
  • Giving Back with Chips and Salsa!

    Giving Back with Chips and Salsa!add to reading list  

    There's a great event happening that's giving at-risk children in San Antonio a fighting chance with a Texas favorite! Cynthia Lemonds with SA Youth is here with the 2013 Chips King, Rik Wederstrandt to tell us more!

    By GDSA
  • Raise Your Roof and Help Our Veterans!

    Raise Your Roof and Help Our Veterans!add to reading list  

    Terry Lowry and American R&R are not only helping with the Mi Casa makeover, but they're helping out Veterans in San Antonio! Commander Benson with the American Legion and Councilman Medina also stop by to tell us more!

    By GDSA
  • How to Eat for Two!

    How to Eat for Two!add to reading list  

    Many expecting mothers love taking that extra bite after saying “I’m eating for two!” Although, many of these moms may not be eating as well as they should be. Here to tell you how to healthily eat for two is Certified Nutritionist, Kimberly Olson!

    By GDSA
  • Freshen Up Your Furniture and Win a TV!

    Freshen Up Your Furniture and Win a TV!add to reading list  

    Spring is here and it’s the perfect time to change up the furniture in your home! If you’re looking for great styles at great prices, FAMSA is the right place for you! Joseph Ortiz with FAMSA want to share how you can win a free TV! Check it out!

    By GDSA
  • Spend Your Night in the Heights!

    Spend Your Night in the Heights!add to reading list  

    Fiesta is kicking off with a fantastic event that celebrates one of San Antonio's most gorgeous neighborhoods! Caryn Hasslacher with Fresh Horizons Catering and Catherine Austin with Alamo Heights Rotary Club show us some food you can find if you go!

    By GDSA
  • The Best Kept Secret In Shopping!

    The Best Kept Secret In Shopping!add to reading list  

    By GDSA
  • Joel Osteen Live on Great Day

    Joel Osteen Live on Great Dayadd to reading list  

    Joel Osteen and wife Victoria join us on Great Day to talk about "A Night of Hope" and answer some questions with audience members.

    By GDSA
  • Fiesta Fun with the Kids!

    Fiesta Fun with the Kids!add to reading list  

    There’s a lot of entertainment at Fiesta, but many people don’t know how to entertain their kids while there! Brooke Meabon from the Alamo City Moms Blog is here to tell you about some fun fiesta activities for you and the kids!

    By GDSA
  • Flashy Fiesta Sash

    Flashy Fiesta Sash add to reading list  

    Have a sash for your Fiesta bash!

    By GDSA
  • Cutting Edge Fiesta Fashion

    Cutting Edge Fiesta Fashionadd to reading list  

    It's the future of fashion and the students at UIW are hitting the runway with a whole new approach to cutting edge design.

    By GDSA
  • From Dream Home to Reality!

    From Dream Home to Reality!add to reading list  

    Mary Ann Jeffers of SABOR tells us the steps you need to take when purchasing the home of your dreams.

    By GDSA
  • Out Route to Haiti

    Out Route to Haitiadd to reading list  

    From the football field to giving orphan children a field of dreams, this NFL football star is helping children in need.

    By GDSA
  • Take a Bite Out of Italy!

    Take a Bite Out of Italy!add to reading list  

    Everyone is used to those typical Italian chains, but they don’t come close to authentic Italian cuisine! Do you want to be flown away with some delicious dishes? Well Mazi Enti, Owner of Scuzzi’s Italian Grill wants to invite you to stop by!

    By GDSA
  • Free, Fun, and Fit!

    Free, Fun, and Fit!add to reading list  

    Former Spur, Bruce Bowen and Culinary Nutritionist, Charlotte Samuel with H-E-B want to invite you to an event! The H-E-B Healthy Family Expo has a bunch of fun activities, health screenings, and other useful tools all for free!

    By GDSA
  • Reinvigorate Your Body for the Beach!

    Reinvigorate Your Body for the Beach!add to reading list  

    We often try crazy diets or weird skin solutions to look better, but none of it makes sense! Dr. Chaitali Nangrani with Vedas Med Spa has Lipo, Filler, and Skin procedures that’ll have you looking ready for the beach!

    By GDSA
  • FYI Guy: Get Colorful with Your Art!

    FYI Guy: Get Colorful with Your Art!add to reading list  

    Almost all of us have some crayons that we just can’t seem to get rid of, but our FYI Guy, Jeremy Rabe has a great suggestion for you! Check this out!

    By GDSA
  • Get the Surgery You Need and Get On Your Way!

    Get the Surgery You Need and Get On Your Way!add to reading list  

    Modern medicine is amazing and it’s making previously debilitating procedures easy as 1-2-3! Dr. Michael McKee with Laser Spine of San Antonio has a spectacular way of treating your back pain! Watch this medical marvel!

    By GDSA
  • The Gift of Sound!

    The Gift of Sound!add to reading list  

    Often times we can forget what a gift the sense of sound can be, but for others they are reminded every time they turn on their hearing aid. Dr. Jane Watson with Audicles is here to tell you about a revolutionary device that is truly a gift!

    By GDSA
  • Ladies and Gentlemen...Charlie Murphy!!!

    Ladies and Gentlemen...Charlie Murphy!!!add to reading list  

    He's made us laugh with his stories about Rick James and Prince on the Chappelle Show and other hilarious roles. Now, he's made a name for himself in Stand-Up Comedy and has stopped by the Alamo City! Here's Charlie Murphy!!

    By GDSA
  • Game On! UIW Football!

    Game On! UIW Football!add to reading list  

    After taking over a struggle football program, Head Coach Larry Kennan has helped turn the Cardinals into a winning team! Heisman Winner Ricky Williams has also stepped in to help coach the Cardinals to victory!

    By GDSA
  • An Eclectic Sound You Can Jam to!

    An Eclectic Sound You Can Jam to!add to reading list  

    It's not everyday you come across a musical act that can make you wanna get up and move! Bombasta's eclectic sound and fun rhythms are sure to make you dance! Check this out!

    By GDSA
  • Sip Bubbles and Sparkle In Diamonds!

    Sip Bubbles and Sparkle In Diamonds!add to reading list  

    Fiesta is here and if you want an event that can be described simply with the word "fabulous" then this is for you! Here to tell you about the Champagne & Diamonds Brunch is Jennifer Barbaro with the Womens Association.

    By GDSA
  • Starting the Season with a Sting!

    Starting the Season with a Sting!add to reading list  

    The San Antonio Scorpion's are know for their powerful strike on the field, just like a scorpion. To tell us about their new season is President, Howard Cornfield and Team Captain, Adrian Cann!

    By GDSA
  • Teaming Up to Race for the Cure!

    Teaming Up to Race for the Cure!add to reading list  

    Breast Cancer Survivor, Sarah Pascual knows what it takes to fight cancer and is participating in the Susan G. Komen Race For The Cure at Sea World! Missy Lamar with Sea World also brings along a pink friend!

    By GDSA
  • Learn to Read and Bite!

    Learn to Read and Bite!add to reading list  

    A skill in cooking many people forget is being able to read a cook book! Chef Adan Medrano is here to tell us all about the San Antonio Book Festival!

    By GDSA
  • Predicting the Future..For the Spurs!

    Predicting the Future..For the Spurs!add to reading list  

    The Spurs had an amazing winning streak which is sending them into the playoffs with a lot of momentum! Here to give a few predictions about the finals is Spurs Broadcaster, Andrew Monaco!

    By GDSA
  • Paradise for your Pooch

    Paradise for your Poochadd to reading list  

    Does your dog need a much deserved vacation? The GDSA crew shows what a wagging good time "Lucy's Doggy Day Care & Spa" can be!

    By GDSA
  • Bob's Steak & Chop House

    Bob's Steak & Chop Houseadd to reading list  

    Derek Lomax and Patrick Bean of "Bob's Steak and Chop House" stopped by today to show us why they are the best steakhouse in SA.

    By GDSA
  • Whats the Beat this Weekend?

    Whats the Beat this Weekend?add to reading list  

    Robert Gutierrez with tells us where you can get free family fun this weekend!

    By GDSA
  • Sip-off to the Playoffs!

    Sip-off to the Playoffs!add to reading list  

    Cindy Stiggers shows us something that every San Antonian has to have!

    By GDSA
  • Fried Steak and a Monster Roll!

    Fried Steak and a Monster Roll!add to reading list  

    Lulu’s Bakery and Café has received national recognition on “Man VS Food” for their delicious 3-Lb cinnamon roll! Don’t worry if you don’t have a sweet tooth, because Lulu’s Manager, Mike Villanueva has a chicken fried steak that’ll blow your mind!

    By GDSA
  • The FYI Guy: Light Up Your Life!

    The FYI Guy: Light Up Your Life!add to reading list  

    The FYI guy as all of the DIY tips you need to take something drab and make it fab! Today he takes a boring candle and shows you how to really make it glimmer! Watch this!

    By GDSA
  • They're back in the Game!

    They're back in the Game!add to reading list  

    Growing up doesn’t mean getting older, because like these ladies you can just get better! Nikki Leader, Loretta Hill, Wanda Blailock, “Kitty” Catherine Sparacello, and Mary Bendson are a few senior ladies that love to play hoops!

    By GDSA
  • Don’t Fly the Coop!

    Don’t Fly the Coop! add to reading list  

    Leave your nest and fly on over! The Botanical Garden has a spectacular bird house exhibit that will provide endless fun and leave you and the entire family in awe! The Botanical garden Education Director, Sasha Kodet shows us around!

    By GDSA
  • Work That Ponytail!

    Work That Ponytail! add to reading list  

    Most ladies have grown up with the ponytail be the hairstyle of convenience, but the ponytail has made a comeback as a hairstyle of glamour! Loren Munoz with Hair Studio Sonterra and She By So Cap USA gives you the tips to rock this style!

    By GDSA
  • What's Bugging you about Home Buying?

    What's Bugging you about Home Buying?add to reading list  

    Sandi Teeter and Heath Henderson with Bella Vista Homes stops by Great Day to tell us how they are helping families buy the home of their dreams.

    By GDSA
  • A Special Reason to Celebrate!

    A Special Reason to Celebrate!add to reading list  

    It's an event created for individuals with disabilities Fiesta Especial brings the party to the streets!

    By GDSA
  • Downtown Dishin'

    Downtown Dishin'add to reading list  

    It's a restaurant that brings the Market right to your table with flavorful meals from a chef that knows how to dish it!

    By GDSA
  • Lightning Cloud

    Lightning Cloudadd to reading list  

    Crystle Lightning and MC Red Cloud, also known as "Lightning Cloud" are bringing Hip-Hop to Northwest Vista and show us how they do something they call Rhyming Round.

    By GDSA
  • Healthy and Fast Snacks and Meals!

    Healthy and Fast Snacks and Meals!add to reading list  

    Our schedules always change during the week, but one thing we always need to do is eat! Do you have trouble grabbing a healthy snack or making a nutritious meal? Registered Dietitian, Shannon Garcia with Lone Star Nutrition can help!

    By GDSA
  • A New Day in Travis Park!

    A New Day in Travis Park!add to reading list  

    Travis Park is reopening and it’s better than ever thanks to a grant from Southwest Airlines! Lori Houston, Director of Center City Development Office and Mike Kiper with Lucy’s Doggy Daycare tell us about all of the fun to be had!

    By GDSA
  • Put Your Best Foot Forward!

    Put Your Best Foot Forward!add to reading list  

    Did you know that the way you walk or the shoes you wear can harm your feet? Dr. Michael Roth and Dr. Anna Sanchez are both Podiatrists with Centurion Health Care and they want to talk to you about your feet!

    By GDSA
  • Score Big by Eating Fresh!

    Score Big by Eating Fresh!add to reading list  

    Few people know winning better than former San Antonio Spur, Bruce Bowen! Bruce and Chef Charlotte Samuel are here with H-E-B to share with you tips about making sure you're winning by eating your daily vegetables and fruit!

    By GDSA
  • Help Your Aging Family Members Feel at Home!

    Help Your Aging Family Members Feel at Home! add to reading list  

    If you have ailing or aging family members, you know that their in-home-care is an absolute priority. Owner of Synergy Home Care, Bettina McGriggler wants to give you the advice you need to help care for your loved ones.

    By GDSA
  • Tamed & Manageable Hair!

    Tamed & Manageable Hair!add to reading list  

    Ladies, we've all had those not so good hair days and you may be looking to get the root of maintaing that main! Professional Makeup Artist, Lindsey Lopez brings us the news on do's!

    By GDSA
  • Will Your Fashion Bloom This Spring?

    Will Your Fashion Bloom This Spring?add to reading list  

    Winter is long gone and Spring is in full swing and Wardrobe Stylist, Ashley Simpson joined us this morning to show us what's blooming this Spring!

    By GDSA
  • The Best Is Yet To Come...

    The Best Is Yet To Come...add to reading list  

    Pastor Steve Fender with Livingway Christian Church stops by Great Day to tell us why you'll want to grow with Livingway! Watch!

    By GDSA
  • Big League Weekend

    Big League Weekend add to reading list  

    It's the game everyone is talking about in town! The Rangers vs. Astros game happening this weekend at the Alamodome and GDSA Sports Correspondent, Brandon Roddy brought us the latest from the dome!

    By GDSA
  • A European Dining Experience In S.A.!

    A European Dining Experience In S.A.!add to reading list  

    If you are tired of the same dinner reservations at your local franchise restaurant then we've got a cultural dining experience you won't want to miss at Meson European Dining! Check it out!

    By GDSA
  • Game On: Uvalde Vs. Medina Valley

    Game On: Uvalde Vs. Medina Valleyadd to reading list  

    In this weeks edition of Game On Kens5 Sportwriter, David Flores introduces us to Medina Valley Softball Coach, J.D. Beltran and the Medina Valley Softball Team!!

    By GDSA
  • Where You Can Have A

    Where You Can Have A "Wicked" Good Time!add to reading list  

    It's the show that keeps on giving and has audiences captivated once again in the Alamo City after rave reviews! Eileen headed out to the Majestic to get a rare intreview with one of the main stars....Elphaba!!!

    By GDSA
  • Any Baby Can

    Any Baby Canadd to reading list  

    Its an organization that provides for families who have children with chronic illness and disabilities. Meet "Any Baby Can"!

    By GDSA
  • Villarreal & Begum

    Villarreal & Begumadd to reading list  

    A new building and the latest technology help this law firm provide the best representation for their clients!

    By GDSA
  • Final Truck Days at Ancira

    Final Truck Days at Anciraadd to reading list  

    Is it time for you to trade in or are you on the market for a truck. April Ancira tells us why their price beats out every dealer!

    By GDSA
  • The World is their Ostra!

    The World is their Ostra!add to reading list  

    This triple "A" Award winning restaurant is sure to keep your taste buds begging for more! right on the River Walk Chef John Brand shows us what we've been missing out on!

    By GDSA
  • A Career without the Trials

    A Career without the Trials add to reading list  

    With steady work and great pay clinical research is one of the fastest growing careers in San Antonio! Northwest Vista's Heather McCreery tells you how to kick start your new career.

    By GDSA
  • The Latina Experience in America

    The Latina Experience in Americaadd to reading list  

    For the first time ever San Antonio Latino Theatre and Palo Alto College present World Theatre SA!

    By GDSA
  • Shaping the Future

    Shaping the Future add to reading list  

    The San Antonio Spurs have teamed up with Mayor Castro for a challenge that's getting students excited from and taking them from the classroom into the community!

    By GDSA
  • Hidden Treasures

    Hidden Treasuresadd to reading list  

    Got an attic or storage filled with more than a few unwanted things? Doug Turnau with Trader's Auctions tells us how we can get cash for what might look like trash!

    By GDSA
  • Batter Up!

    Batter Up!add to reading list  

    The Great Day SA crew test out our batting skills at Power Swing batting cages.

    By GDSA
  • Big Daddy is In the Kitchen!

    Big Daddy is In the Kitchen!add to reading list  

    After winning his own show on Food Network Star, Chef Aaron McCargo Jr. has taken the culinary world by storm! From his big personality to his delicious food, the star of “Big Daddy’s House” never disappoints! Check it out!

    By GDSA
  • The King of Rock & Roll's Royal Collection!

    The King of Rock & Roll's Royal Collection!add to reading list  

    Elvis Presley has gone down in history as the King of Rock & Roll and he is still being honored to this day! Graceland’s Director of Communications, Kevin Kern stops by to share some of the King's treasures that are part of an amazing collection!

    By GDSA
  • Wake Up on the Right Side of the Mattress!

    Wake Up on the Right Side of the Mattress!add to reading list  

    There’s nothing more challenging than trying to get through your day after a poor night’s sleep. Well, Curtis Cantwell Jr. with Cantwell Mattress shares how their mattresses can help you sleep well!

    By GDSA
  • Skin Care for Every Age!

    Skin Care for Every Age!add to reading list  

    It’s never too early to think about skin care. Whether it's teenage acne or emotion wrinkles on adults, there is a treatment for every age! Dermatologist, Dr. Kim Ross shares a few tips that’ll have your skin glowing!

    By GDSA
  • Beat the Texas Heat!

    Beat the Texas Heat!add to reading list  

    Does your home need a fresh look? Maybe you want just a little more cash in your pocket. Statewide Remodeling Manager, Duane Charping gives some tips on making your home more energy efficient.

    By GDSA
  • Could Lack of Sleep Be Putting Your Life in Danger?

    Could Lack of Sleep Be Putting Your Life in Danger?add to reading list  

    Lack of sleep might be more common than you think. 70 million Americans suffer from sleep disorders and you could be one of them. Doctor Shad Morris tells us more.

    By GDSA
  • Uncorking A New Way to Fight Hunger!

    Uncorking A New Way to Fight Hunger!add to reading list  

    Buy a bottle, feed a family. Founder of Gracious Gift Wine, Cindy Sebek teams up with The San Antonio Food Bank to pour out a new way of tackling hunger in Bexar County.

    By GDSA
  • Guidance of A Father to the Fatherless

    Guidance of A Father to the Fatherlessadd to reading list  

    Founder & President of Majesty Outdoors, Bill Blodgett provides fatherless teens a chance to experience the guidance of a dad and the adventures of the great outdoors.

    By GDSA
  • A Heavenly Dose of Church's

    A Heavenly Dose of Church'sadd to reading list  

    Known for having Fresh chicken hot and ready, Mike Seanz tells us why Church's is giving chicken lovers something to talk about.

    By GDSA
  • Celebrate with the San Antonio Zoo!

    Celebrate with the San Antonio Zoo!add to reading list  

    The San Antonio is celebrating its 100th birthday and they want you to join them! Instead of getting older, the zoo is just getting better with the addition of the Zootennial Plaza. Dawn Koehler tells us all about the awesome changes at the zoo!

    By GDSA
  • Spring Cleaning is Just a Call Away!

    Spring Cleaning is Just a Call Away!add to reading list  

    Spring is here and it’s time to freshen up the house! Most of us try to get our house in tip-top shape, but Aubrey Thoede with DFC interior services wants to do it for you. Check this out!

    By GDSA
  • Slim Down and Tighten Up!

    Slim Down and Tighten Up!add to reading list  

    Zespa MedSpa has the best tools to help you lose those extra pounds and to tighten up your skin! Zespa Co-Owner and Director, Robert Hollis and Venus Concepts Territory Manager, Kasey Bates are here to show you how it’s done!

    By GDSA
  • Your Personal Guide to Home Buying!

    Your Personal Guide to Home Buying!add to reading list  

    It’s a buyer’s market right now and that home you've been dreaming about could now be yours! If you don’t know where to begin your home buying process, don’t worry, because Ruben Trevino with RJ Trevino Real Estate is here to guide you!

    By GDSA
  • Help Your Aging Family Members Feel at Home!

    Help Your Aging Family Members Feel at Home!add to reading list  

    If you have ailing or aging family members, you know that their in-home-care is an absolute priority. Owner of Synergy Home Care, Bettina McGriggler wants to give you the advice you need to help your loved ones.

    By GDSA
  • Fill your Pet-scription at H-E-B!

    Fill your Pet-scription at H-E-B!add to reading list  

    H-E-B Pharmacist, Gabe tells us just how easy it is to fill not only your prescriptions, but your pet’s prescriptions as well! Check out how H-E-B is helping you keep your pet happy and healthy!

    By GDSA
  • A Great Day for a Surprise!

    A Great Day for a Surprise!add to reading list  

    Maria Navarro was enjoying her day, but she wasn’t expecting to be surprised by the Great Day SA team! Check out how we surprised our 27th Mi Casa Makeover winner!

    By GDSA
  • Mi Casa Makeover #27 - Meet our Mi Casa Makeover winners!

    Mi Casa Makeover #27 - Meet our Mi Casa Makeover winners!add to reading list  

    Our Mi Casa Makeover winner, Maria Navarro, tells us about how she came to the Alamo City and the life she lived with her late husband, Alfredo. Maria’s son Alfredo Jr. also shares with us how this makeover will make his life a bit easier.

    By GDSA
  • Talk, Text, Crash!

    Talk, Text, Crash!add to reading list  

    From texting to talking, there are a lot of things that can distract us while driving our cars. Laura Lopez with TXDOT tells us about the high risk that comes with distracted driving and what we need to do to make our roads safer.

    By GDSA
  • Save with Clean and Efficient Energy!

    Save with Clean and Efficient Energy!add to reading list  

    What do your heater, refrigerator, and window have in common? They all affect your energy bill! Albert Cantu with CPS Energy discusses how certain problems can lead to a high energy bill even in a smaller home.

    By GDSA
  • Making this Casa Come Alive!

    Making this Casa Come Alive!add to reading list  

    Don Rackler with John Wayne Heating and A/C takes a look at the homes heating, A/C, electrical, and water systems! There is a lot of work to be done, but he and his team are ready for the challenge!

    By GDSA
  • A Man with the Plan!

    A Man with the Plan!add to reading list  

    A project like this Mi Casa Makeover can’t be done without a talented contractor who has a plan! Dave Peters with Lone Star State Construction is the contractor for this makeover and he has a spectacular vision!

    By GDSA
  • It’s all about the Foundation!

    It’s all about the Foundation!add to reading list  

    Chad Martinez with Allen’s Foundation goes through the Mi Casa house to identify foundation problems that a lot of locals deal with! Chad gives tips on how to identify foundation problems and shares how they’re going to fix it!

    By GDSA
  • Wow…That’s Amazing Siding!

    Wow…That’s Amazing Siding!add to reading list  

    Gary Warrington with Amazing Siding and Windows gives a big “Thank You” to San Antonio for their continued Mi Casa support! Gary also shows the new windows and siding that are not only beautiful, but energy efficient!

    By GDSA
  • Floors as Strong as Atlas!

    Floors as Strong as Atlas!add to reading list  

    Billy Mahone with Atlas Floors knows that durability is important when it comes to flooring, but he knows that there’s more to it than that! Billy and the team at Atlas Floors have great options that'll turn this house into a home!

    By GDSA
  • A Roof over Your Head!

    A Roof over Your Head!add to reading list  

    Coach Lowry with American Roofing and Remodeling understands facing adversity and he brings that experience to the Mi Casa Makeover team! He gives tips on inspecting your own roof and what it takes to have a strong and beautiful roof!

    By GDSA
  • From the Inside Out!

    From the Inside Out!add to reading list  

    Dave Peters with Dave Michael Design tells us about all of the fabulous interior options that will make this Mi Casa Makeover one for the books! Check it out!

    By GDSA
  • Spring Into A New Home!

    Spring Into A New Home!add to reading list  

    The 2014 "Spring Tour of Homes"is happening again and Frank Sitterle and Jeff Buell with Sitterle Homes stop by to tell us why this year's tour is bigger and better than ever!

    By GDSA
  • Northwest Vista 5K Run/Walk

    Northwest Vista 5K Run/Walkadd to reading list  

    Looking to get in shape or just looking for some fun in the sun. Look no further because Northwest Vista is holding a 5K Run/Walk Saturday March 29th.

    By GDSA
  • Game On: Central Catholic Soccer.

    Game On: Central Catholic Soccer.add to reading list  

    Coming off a heart breaking loss last year, the Central Catholic Soccer team kicked into high gear and took State! Kens 5 Sports Writer, David Flores has the latest.

    By GDSA
  • 5K All The Way!

    5K All The Way!add to reading list  

    There is something for everyone this weekend at The Shops At La Cantera. With great food, exercise, and fun!

    By GDSA
  • Pinata Protest Performs Live!

    Pinata Protest Performs Live!add to reading list  

    Fresh off of the South by Southwest stage and into the Great Day studio. Pinata Protest is live this weekend at the Maverick Music Festival.

    By GDSA
  • "Sea of Surprises" add to reading list  

    Come 'Sea' what all the buzz is about starting this weekend Sea World celebrates 50 years! It is sure to be a whale of a good time.

    By GDSA
  • A Zootennial Celebration!

    A Zootennial Celebration!add to reading list  

    The San Antonio Zoo is celebrating 100-Years with Zootennial! From new attractions to a new restaurant, the zoo is making their anniversary memorable! Here to show us what the Zoo is cooking up is Executive Chef Doug Wallen with the San Antonio Zoo.

    By GDSA
  • A Dose of Relaxation and a Stroke of Fun!

    A Dose of Relaxation and a Stroke of Fun!add to reading list  

    Mom is always busy with the kids, the house, and her career, but when does she have time to unwind? Well, Artist and Owner of Merry Monet, Livia Istrate is here to show you how the ladies can relax over some good drinks, food, and painting!

    By GDSA
  • An Extra Push to Your Weight Loss Goals!

    An Extra Push to Your Weight Loss Goals!add to reading list  

    Many of us adopted healthier eating and exercise habits in the New Year, but some of us may not be getting the results we want! President of UC4Life, Dr. Jacob Torres is here to help you find the causes that may be holding you back from your goals!

    By GDSA