Bridget's Blog: "Are You Losing Weight?"


by Bridget Smith

Posted on May 14, 2010 at 3:51 PM

Updated Tuesday, Sep 14 at 4:00 PM


Granted if you're not ill or malnourished, "Are you losing weight?" is a phrase no one minds hearing.

About four years ago, I was on a serious mission to drop ten pounds.

I ended up dropping thirty.

I remember being in a truly happy place in my life.

I wanted my outside to match my inside.

My goal was never to get stick thin.....listen.......I wasn't trying to work a miracle.

I really wanted to feel better and increase my energy.

Aside from the joy I had in my day to day living, I was a news reporter who was running around like crazy and I was beyond tired all the time.

It didn't make any sense.

How could I be healthy, happy and tired ALL the time?

But,  I was.

The whole idea of losing weight was fairly simple. 

I knew exactly what to do.

Bread, pasta and tortilla chips became the enemy.

Lean protein and vegetables became my friend.

I started running before dawn, in the evenings, on the weekend, and even in the rain.

Some people thought I was training for a marathon.

A few co-workers thought I was sick.

The weight came off that fast.

"Fast" was actually about 6 months.

But here I was working out five days a week, no fail, no excuses, and it seemed effortless.

My body turned to muscle and I was a  fat burning machine.

And yes, I was hungry most of the time.

What I've learned since then is that consistency is what keeps you on track:

with weight,

with your love life,

with your career,

with anything.

I valued my body and my health and so I worked on it consistently.

Anything you love and value, you work on,  or you let it die.

Plain and simple.

What I found is that there is no miracle or "diet secret" when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off.

If there was a magic pill , I'd have gone to the land where they grow the pill and I would have bought it.

It's not how often you work's that you do it, with some consistency.

I got comfortable without the extra weight and my body changed for the better.

I don't run as hard anymore, and because there isn't a restaurant in town I haven't been to, some of the weight has come back.

Lucky for me  I've learned enough "tricks" and shortcuts to get pounds off quickly.

Television doesn't help.

If I had a dime every time someone says "you're not as heavy in person as you look on TV".....I wouldn't be sitting at a desk writing a blog.

TV I can't do anything about. 

Real life I can change.

A few days ago I bumped into a colleague of mine in the hallway who'd dramatically changed before my eyes.

I'm estimating about 40 pounds of his former self are gone!

Before I could catch myself, I was asking him the same question I heard from people in the midst of my nearly year long transformation:

"Are you losing weight?"

When he smiled with a huge grin and said, "yes" I remembered that feeling.

It's the feeling that the world now recognizes what you already know.

That your clothes are smaller,  your energy is higher and you just plain feel better.

Now that summer's almost here  I've begun the marathon run sessions again and I'm jumping rope like crazy.

I did a 5 mile weekend run in the rain and no it wasn't  fun.

But that's OK.

Before long, someone,  somewhere will ask me those words I love to hear:

"Are you losing weight?"

I don't know who's going to ask it or when,

But what I do know for sure is that


it's probably gonna be a while.