Washington woman shares dog's last day on Snapchat

COLVILLE, Wash. -- A women’s story is going viral after she posted heart wrenching photos of her dog’s last day on her Snapchat story.

Kyle Amick had to make a hard decision when her dog Hannah was in pain and suffering from daily seizures.

Should she let her suffer or let her go?

“Nights of whimpering and seizing weren't a life worth living,” said Amick. “I knew my dog best, in the end I know I made the right choice even if it was hard on everyone involved.”

Amick made sure that Hannah’s last day with her family was a special one.

They started the day off with aroma therapy and a bath…something Amick says Hannah loved.

Afterwards, Hannah got a special doggy beauty mark.

“I know a lot of people saw a happy and healthy dog in those pictures, but that wasn't her everyday life these past few months,” said Amick. “It's been a struggle for her.”

Then they shared one last delicious meal together.

Family members said their goodbyes to her.

Amick made sure Hannah had the ultimate spa treatment and painted her toe nails.

And then it was time to say goodbye.

Hannah was buried in a beautiful casket underneath a pine tree where she could finally be at peace.

Amick hopes that other people in this situation can give their animals the very best last week or day of their lives.

“If someone has to make this decision for their dog, I hope their final moments were just as good as Hannah's were,” she said.


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