Eagle Cam
RAPTOR CAM: Get to know wild creatures at Last Chance Forever refuge

They are silent and secretive hunters of the night, but now we have a chance to peek into their private world.

These youngsters who belong in the wild mistakenly ended up in a south Texas building.

The property owner didn't want wild creatures taking over his space, so they were brought to Last Chance Forever, a wildlife conservancy.

Can you guess what kind of animal they are?

Because they are so young, they don't even have their flight feathers yet. They are fluffy balls of down.

In just a few short weeks, they will be transformed into sleek, powerful hunters that look NOTHING like they do now.

When they are grown, they will take to the sky as night settles in and will do the job that nature intended, keeping populations of mice and other small pests in check.

Some people think these little creatures are ugly, but they would be surprised to see that they will grow up to be beautiful birds.



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