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NAPKIN NOTES: Doritos Locos Taco hard to eat, easy to enjoy

<font color=990000>NAPKIN NOTES:</font> Doritos Locos Taco hard to eat, easy to enjoy

Credit: Freddy Hunt /

Joanna Benavidez, producer.

"What if I bite this thing?" Joanna said about the cardboard sleeve. She figured it out and took the taco out of the sleeve. "I feel like I have to eat it real quick before it falls apart."

by Freddy Hunt /

Posted on March 21, 2012 at 1:38 PM

Updated Thursday, Dec 5 at 8:19 AM

Wait, a taco inside of a Dorito shell? Just the thought of such a marriage is enough to make any serious snacker's head explode with a giant "crunch."

Upon pulling up to Taco Bell, there are three giant signs advertising the Tex-Mex giant's latest creation: "Taco Bell on the inside. Doritos on the outside" or "My Dorito is a Taco" or "Doritos locos tacos."

All of the slogans suggest there was some mad (or loco) scientist who put Taco Bell and Doritos in an atom smasher and finally discovered another shell option besides crunchy or soft.

Imagining a crisp and cheesy Dorito containing a warm and cheesy taco was too much for me resist any longer. I broke down and had to go taste for myself. What I found was not as simple as the Tex-Mex-Dorito dream I saw on TV.

For starters, what's this weird cardboard sleeve it comes in? Likely a marketing agreement for Doritos to get it's name on the product, the sleeve proves to be quite a hang up. Do you eat it out of the sleeve, or just discard the sleeve immediately? That question leads to the next problem -- a classic chicken or the egg.

Outside of the sleeve, the taco immediately breaks through the Dorito shell. My first thought was that the sleeve is meant to support the weaker-than-usual Dorito shell. However, it was quickly pointed out to me that perhaps the sleeve is causing the shell to become soggy by way of condensation with the warm taco filling.

My advice: Get the taco out of the sleeve, quick.

Another theory was that the sleeve was to protect fingers from cheesy mess that goes along with eating Doritos. Meh...

Just as the Dorito shell was not nearly as crunchy nor was it as cheesy as the classic Dorito chip. The cheese dust left on fingertips after eating the taco did not compare to the amount of residual cheese from chips. Don't get me wrong, the taco shell still left your fingertips bright orange, just not quite up to Doritos precedent.

So as amazing as the combination of Taco Bell and Doritos sounds, it's doesn't quite live up to the hype. People have been putting Doritos on sandwiches since the beginning of Doritos. Simply adding Doritos to a recipe preserves the Doritos' cheesy and crunchy character, unlike what happened to the chip when made a part of the recipe.

Despite the complaints, every single person I talked to about the Dorito taco said they would definitely eat it again. Although I don't eat Taco Bell as much since graduating college, I also admit it was pretty good. But it's not as mind-blowing as the dream of making a taco out of a shell-shaped chip that you amazingly found inside a bag of Doritos.

Good idea, Taco Bell. But I think I'll just add my own Doritos to my tacos.