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I DIG SA: Slither hither: Texas Reptile Expo comes to town

<font color=990000><b>I DIG SA: </B></FONT>Slither hither: Texas Reptile Expo comes to town

Credit: Martha Cerna / KENS 5

by Martha Cerna / KENS 5


Posted on September 16, 2012 at 4:52 PM

Updated Saturday, Nov 2 at 8:28 AM

Slippery characters were par for the course at the Texas Reptile Expo Saturday. OK, so there were also some that are scaly, furry, spiky and even a little prickly. Rattlesnakes and cobras, pythons Gila monsters and bearded dragons, tortoises, skinks, blood pythons, chameleons, iguanas, horned frogs, geckos and even tarantulas are all on display and sale through Sunday.

Friendly vendors may let you even get your hands on one, but when you walk through the doors expect to sign a waiver - several of species there are venomous!

The buttons on one rattlesnake were shaking wildly as I hovered over, aiming for the perfect mug shot. "He's just very inquisitive," the vendor said. I took his word for it, but imagined how differently I would feel if I met this curious fella on a hike at Friedrich Wilderness Park.

Not into snakes so much? You may love an Argentina horned frog or an African Sulcata tortoise. The latter could live long enough for you to pass it along to your grandkids.

The Texas Reptile Expo goes through Sunday at the Live Oak Civic Center at 8101 Pat Booker.