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S.A. Christian receiver Robinson adds sizzle to All-American Bowl

S.A. Christian receiver Robinson adds sizzle to All-American Bowl

Credit: David Flores / Kens5.com

San Antonio Christian wide receiver Corey Robinson, pictured with Steele head coach Mike Jinks, led the area with 67 catches for 1,414 yards and 20 touchdowns this season.

by David Flores / Kens5.com


Posted on January 3, 2013 at 7:40 AM

Updated Saturday, Jan 5 at 6:33 PM

Like his famous father, San Antonio Christian wide receiver Corey Robinson is a talented athlete whose intellect is as impressive as his physical skills.

Robinson has wowed teammates and coaches alike this week while preparing to play for the West in the 13th annual U.S. Army All-American Bowl, scheduled for a noon kickoff Saturday at the Alamodome.

Steele coach Mike Jinks, who is coaching the West, was effusive in his praise of Robinson when asked about him Wednesday.

"What an awesome young man," Jinks said. "His maturity level is out of this world. His priorities are right. He has a true perspective of what this game means, what it's about and where he wants to go. Not only with his athletic career, but with his life."

Robinson, who has committed to Notre Dame, was the top receiver in the area this season with 67 catches for 1,414 yards and 20 touchdowns. He leaves for Notre Dame next week and starts classes Jan. 15.

"It's really been such a blessing to be able to compete at the highest level with these guys, and be able to see what college competition is really like," Robinson said. "A lot of these guys are going to big schools.

"It's been great to hang out with them all this week. I've made some good friends. They're all hilarious and they're all characters."

Robinson is the second of three sons born to Valerie and Spurs legend David Robinson, one of the greatest players in NBA history.


ND was first school to offer Robinson scholarship

The All-American Bowl, which has been played in San Antonio since 2002, features some of the best high school seniors in the country.

"Your confidence level is very important when you play in a game like this," Robinson said. "It doesn't matter what the other players' (recruiting) ranking is. It doesn't matter what your ranking is, or where you come from.

"You're here now so you've just got to compete. You've got to believe in yourself and believe that you can play, and then go out there and do it."

Robinson caught the eye of Notre Dame recruiters at last year's All-American Bowl combine with his raw athletic ability. About a month later, Notre Dame was the first school to offer Robinson a scholarship. He committed to the Irish in March, five months before the first game of his senior season at San Antonio Christian.

Notre Dame, which went 12-0 in the regular season, plays Alabama in the BCS title game Monday night.

"This is a good opportunity for Notre Dame to prove we're back on top in college football," Robinson said. "I'm confident."

Jinks said he got to know Robinson better while sitting next to him at the Spurs-Nets game on New Year's Eve at the AT&T Center. The All-American Bowl players and coaches were recognized during the game.

"It's human nature to think that here's a kid from a private school and you wonder how he's going to adapt, how is he going to compete against kids from some bigger schools," Jinks said. "But he's come in from Day 1 and gotten after it. I've been very impressed with not only his skill set, but his will to compete."


Robinson called 'renaissance man' by famous father

Jinks said he thinks Robinson, who is 6-foot-5 and weighs 190 pounds, could develop into a big, physical receiver in the mold of former Notre Dame All-American Michael Floyd.

"He's 6-5 and his his body hasn't filled out yet," Jinks said. "He'll get those pipes like his daddy. He's going to get bigger."

Antonian head coach Van Fuschak and Steele offensive coordinator Scott Lehnhoff are on the West coaching staff. Fuschak and Lehnhoff are coaching the offensive line and quarterbacks, respectively.

Like Jinks, Lehnhoff has been impressed with Robinson.

"Coming into the week, I knew nothing about Corey," Lehnhoff said. "I really didn't know what to expect. He's blown me away. Not only with his ability on the field, but also the type of kid that he is. He is incredible. If every kid could be like him, this world would be an incredible place. He's unbelievable.

"We were talking in the car going to the Spurs' game the other night, and he was talking about the four instruments he plays. He's using words that Coach Jinks and I have never even heard of, much less know the meaning of. Polite as can be and well-rounded."

Lehnhoff said David Robinson calls Corey "a renaissance man."

"That's a good way of putting it," Lehnhoff said.

While Robinson is eager to chart his own course, he asked his father for some advice before reporting to the West squad on Sunday.

"I like to talk to him about that kind of stuff," Corey said. "He just said, 'Corey, this is a great opportunity for you. You've got to do what you've got to do. I know you're going to go out there and compete well. Just make sure you remember who you are in your own game and skill set, and don't get intimidated.'"