It’s officially been one month since four tornadoes ripped through San Antonio, damaging more than 500 homes.

Eyewitness News wanted to check back with storm victims to see where they are now. Needless to say, there’s plenty of work left to be done.

On Linda Drive where an EF-2 hit, it currently sounds just like a new subdivision going up and under construction. However, all that noise is the sound of repairs.

Timothy Shaw is a contractor who has been working on one house from sun up to sun down for about 10 days, with many more weeks to go.

“There’s a lot of concerns because people don’t want to be out of their house. That’s the main thing, they want to be in their house, and they can’t be in there,” said Shaw.

A few houses down the street is where Stephen Stukey lives. He considers himself blessed. His home suffered extensive damage with thousands in repairs, but at least he’s been able to live under his newly repaired roof.

“Well, I’ve had to spend a lot of time working on the house,” said Stukey. “It’s running back and forth, getting supplies and spending your day doing this when there’s other things you’d like to do.

Because he’s retired, Stukey is able to do some of the work himself. It’s been saving him some money and allowing him to tackle projects long overdue. While there’s still a lot of work to be done, he’s months ahead of some of his neighbors.

“A lot of them said it’s going to be 6-9 months before they can be back in their house. That’s quite a while to be out of your house,” said Stukey.

One problem causing a delay in re-building: Some contractors are still working on homes damaged from last year’s hail storm.