Many stores are struggling to keep water on the shelves as shoppers prepare for Hurricane Harvey.

"I did not prepare for all of this. There is no water at the stores,” Mattie Munn said. “I was able to grab some tea.”

Several stores, including HEB, Costco, Lowes and Sam's Club said that they’re working hard to quickly restock the shelves, but it’s unclear how long it will take.

Some stores are limiting the number of water cases per person to help more people prepare.

Select Sam's Club locations have waved their membership fee to help people stock up.

The Walmart Emergency Operations Center is in full activation, according to a company spokesperson. This means teams will help accelerate deliveries of bottled water, flashlights, batteries, and more.

A spokesperson with HEB said that they’re also closely monitoring stores that are out of water and stocking them as shipments come in.

Anne Hayden the San Antonio Water System said that people can also fill up pitchers of water from the faucet.
She said that they also have emergency crews on standby and they don’t expect the water to be turned off.

Hayden added that even if the power goes out, the power plants can still put out water for days.