Winter is officially over and spring is here! To many, that means flowers, warmer temperatures, and looking ahead to summer.

Bluebonnets are everywhere across South Texas. They've been blooming for awhile thanks to a warmer-than-normal winter. Most folks KENS 5 spoke to on Monday welcomed the change of season.

For some, thoughts of spring meant looking ahead to Fiesta, which is just 30 days away.

At Dairy Queen, they're offering free small ice cream cones for the day. Starbucks rolled out a new set of three spring-themed cups.

But if you aren't big on spring, you could celebrate Alien Abduction Day. It was first observed in Toronto in 2008. A KENS 5 Twitter poll showed that just over half of those who responded believed in aliens.

Let's just hope they're the nice kind like in E.T., and not the violent kind like in Independence Day.