The storm is affecting flights out of the San Antonio International Airport.

At least 62 flights have been cancelled and another 39 are expected to be cancelled on Sunday, according to officials.

Anyone with flight plans over the next few days is advised to check in with their airline for delays or cancellations.

Several people said they scrambled to reroute their flight as soon as they were notified.

“The lady told me if I didn’t have a seat to go to Chicago I would be three days standing by,” James Minor said.

A spokesperson with the airport said they are prepared to help passengers stranded at the airport with water and blankets.

Jose Ramirez arrived with his family from San Francisco, but he said he was afraid they wouldn’t land safely.

“It was kind of a scary ride because I thought it [the plane] was going to hit the buildings," Ramirez said.
He said it was a rough landing.