New Orleans Mayor Mitchell Landrieu says that the city had no report of damages from Hurricane Nate and that all flood gates were back open on Sunday.

But there are still areas of standing water, and that’s a major concern. Some spots measured over three feet of water and portions of the highway were closed until Sunday afternoon.

Residents say that they had a mandatory evacuation order but many decided to stay home and ride it out.

In the Venetian Isles neighborhood, floodwaters rose as high as three feet in some parts, but the waters came up just short of front doorsteps.

“One of my sons came home at 3 o’clock in the morning. He said it was deeper than a foot,” resident Robby Knecht said. “He walked about three blocks from the bridge to come home. Those are just some of the things you have to do when you live out here.”

“I’m always worried about inconvenience, but I’m much more worried about life safety issues,” Mayor Landrieu said. “I think we made the right decisions at the right time.”

Homeowners who did pack up and leave trickled back in on Sunday morning. Accustomed to devastation, they instead arrived to homes that had suffered relatively little damage.

“I’m probably gonna have a few beers and relax,” Knecht said. “Maybe watch the game.”

There was still standing water on portions of I-10, so officials were telling residents to drive with caution. Although it looks like New Orleans dodged a major bullet with Hurricane Nate this weekend.