The storm hit early this morning and came down so hard and fast, it stranded people who stopped to get a quick bite for breakfast.

At the intersection of 410 and Marbach, the roads were a little wet in the afternoon, but early Monday morning, before the morning rush, the water in the street was deep enough to swim in and create a lot of problems.

"I am on Marbach by the Whataburger and I can't go anywhere," said KENS5 viewer Patty Donnell at that same Whataburger on Monday morning as she recorded the flooding. She added, "People who are parked in parking lots, they cannot move."

But one car wasn't in a parking lot or a lake. It was in Marbach Road itself. In the time it took to go into Whataburger for a jalepeno cheddar biscuit, the water came down so hard and fast, cars were submerged.

"Oh my goodness, the poor people in the car with the rain all the way up to their door," said Deborah Vanderventer, who lives on the city's west side.

If only the nearby Rent-A-Center could have rented a canoe.

"There are cars underwater. There's the rescue team because people are in their cars down there. You can see it," Donnell said in the video.

A picture of a flooded car at Whataburger snapped by Jason Garza has been shared over 12,000 times with over 3,000 comments like, "Only a true Texan would swim or go tubin' to Whataburger for breakfast." and "More like Waterburger! Lol."

There was likely no LOL-ing from the woman who police say was rescued from a car on Commerce Street by Pinn Road a few miles away from the Whataburger. According to SAPD, the woman in that car was rescued earlier this morning, came back with her keys and her mother to try to get the car out, and she got stuck again.

"I don't go through barricades and I try to be really safe because water can be really dangerous," Vanderventer said. "You can lose your life in a matter of seconds."