It’s starting to feel like winter in the Texas Hill Country.

Some kids inside the Salvation Army KROC community center in Kerrville are praying for snow. The snow is not expected to stick, but if it does, kiddos we spoke with already have big plans.

“I’m gonna make a snowman,” 5-year-old Kayson Johns said.

“We get to play in the snow!” Kayson’s 7-year-old sister Kinley Johns said.

“This is gonna be fun because I’ve never seen snow and it’s gonna be really exciting,” 10-year-old Reigha Weaver said.

For many of these children, snow is something they’ve only seen on television.

“The only snow I’ve ever seen was frost. I’ve never seen actual snow before!” Weaver said. “I feel like it’s gonna be great and it’s going to be so exciting.”

With flurries comes family time. Should snow stick to the ground one day, it’s all about snowball fights, snow angels, and snow forts.

“I’m gonna gather up some ammo, and when my sister walks out, I’m going to ambush her with snowballs,” 10-year-old Jakob Clark said.

“It might snow on my birthday. If it does, I’m probably just gonna jump in the snow and go crazy and throw snowballs at people,” said 10-year-old Aiden Alexander, who prefers the cold weather and the snow is a bonus. “I might make a fort out of snow. You grab a bunch of snow off the floor then you start padding it together. Then you grab another side and you make another row. Then you cover the top but you’d have to put stakes in the snow so the snow will stay up.”

For anyone who has yet to see a single snowflake, snow expert Jordyn Spain offered some words of advice:

“When you go down a steep hill when you go sledding, wear goggles because the snow gets in your eye and you can’t see. You could crash!”

Reigha turns 11 years old Thursday; Aiden turns 11 later this month. They say if it snows, it will certainly be an unforgettable birthday.