SAN ANTONIO – The last time San Antonio was directly affected by a hurricane was in 2008.

Many people are prepared for flooding and rain, but are they prepared for a hurricane?

We broke down the top things you need to do or get before Hurricane Harvey makes landfall in Texas on Saturday.

1. Prepare a Hurricane Kit: Always have a flashlight, fresh batteries, first aid kit, medications, garbage bags, duct tape, matches, rain gear, extra blankets and clothes on hand in case of an emergency.

2. Store Bottled Water: Store a gallon of water a day per person for your family in case the water service is disrupted.

3. Store Canned and Non-perishable Foods: Have enough food for you and the family for up to a week in case of severe flooding and power outages.

4. Have a Portable Charger, Battery-Operated Clock, and Radio – In case of a power outage, your phone can be fully charged and worst-case scenario, you can get the latest weather updates through the radio.

5. Put Gas in Your Car – Get gas before Saturday to ensure your car is full in case of an emergency.

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