Hurricane Harvey is affecting the oil industry. In fact, one of the nation's laregest refiniries shut down and that's having a domino effect on the trucking industry.

On the east side, truckers from Mexico to El Paso are arriving desperate to fuel up.

“It’s not normal for us on a typical day of loading,” said Steven Martinez, who got out of his big rig to stretch his legs while waiting for hours to fuel up.

Martinez is one of hundreds of truckers lined up for miles along East Houston Street, desperate for fuel. He says typically he's in and out in 20 minutes. But not today.

Why the line? Hurricane Harvey caused a series of outages at Texas Gulf Coast refineries.

“This is one of six loading facilities in San Antonio,” Martinez explained. “So everybody is having to come to other loading facilities to get fuel.”

Slowly, trucks inched closer every 10 minutes. After four hours, Martinez finally loaded up, but with only a ration of a certain amount of diesel per day. That ration does not apply to emergency vehicles or FEMA trucks.

But Martinez is keeping it all in perspective.

He says patience is a small price to pay, compared to all the people struggling in floodwaters.