Tammy L. Prince and her husband were watching the devastating pictures of Hurricane Harvey on TV when they decided they wanted to do something to help.

"We were both emotional, just looking at everything, the children, the families just stranded, and we both were like, 'We can do something,'" she recalled.

The couple hit their Facebook pages and asked their friends to help out. They wanted to send a truckload of bottled water and other supplies to Houston.

"We thought we were doing one truck load but we ended up being able to help six cities," she said.

Pretty quickly, Prince's desire to give back turned into something much bigger. The couple received thousands of donations from people in the San Antonio area and around the country.

"People I haven't even met in my life are inboxing me saying, 'Well, how do I give? How do I do this?' There was a lady from California who said, 'I don't have much but can I get your Paypal address?'" she said.

In one week, they made it to six cities hit by Harvey and donated 40,000 pounds of water, all the while documenting their journey on social media.

"It could have been anybody in that situation, it could have easily been San Antonio," she said. "You just never know what lies ahead and what the future brings. And it's a humbling experience."