While San Antonio has been spared by Harvey, there are families who have found themselves suddenly stuck in big trouble spots like Houston. For example, one San Antonio couple is desperate to get back home to wish their kids well on their first day of school.

Nickola Wilson-Chung spoke to KENS 5 via Skype on Sunday and said that she and her husband live in the Alamo City but have spent the last couple of days stranded in Houston’s Hobby Airport.

The couple was vacationing in Mexico and tried to get back before Harvey hit, but their layover in Houston quickly turned into an extended stay.

“By the time they got us on the later flight, lightning had struck and that was it. Harvey was here,” Nickola recalled.

Nickola and her husband made camp inside a restaurant, but others have been scattered all across the airport.

“There are people just everywhere just kind of sitting around, hanging around in wheel chairs. They’ve given these, like, I guess emergency blankets. Everyone has these blankets here because it’s so cold in the airport. A lot of us are freezing at night,” she described.

For Nickola and her husband, the most difficult part is being away from their three kids back in San Antonio, two of whom start a new school year on Monday. Last year, dad had to miss their first day of school because he was deployed in Afghanistan. KENS 5 featured him last year when he surprised one of his son’s after arriving back home.

However, for the second year in a row, Dad will miss the start of the school year.

“The worst thing is that our sons, both our boys, are supposed to go back to school [on Monday] and now we’re going to miss them going back to school,” Nickola said.

Late Sunday, Nickola and her husband were flown to Dallas as Southwest Airlines got all passengers out of Hobby Airport. However, they'll be staying overnight in Dallas at a hotel rather than being able to fly back to San Antonio right away.

If you have a flight in the coming days, make sure you check with your airline.