Despite losing everything, a Port Arthur family is being praised as heroes, they rescued several elderly folks from their flooding homes then opened up their own home to keep them safe from rising water.

"What you feel inside your heart, even if you want to be strong, sometimes you can't," says Luis Alvarez, from Port Arthur.

Alvarez distraught, beaten and heartbroken, just like the walls of his home along Big Bend Avenue.

He recalls the wrath left behind by Tropical Storm Harvey, which made landfall in Cameron Parish Wednesday morning.

"We saved someone, that's enough, you can't buy another life," Alvarez says.

A heroic act by the Alvarez family, a baby, a group of elderly, and children, almost 16 people taking shelter inside the second story of their home.

"I was trying not to cry so I wouldn't scare anyone, I just sat and watched the water level rise," Alvarez says.

As the water levels rose, so did their spirit, with the purpose of saving lives from drowning waters.

"I knew how good they are and how big their heart is," says Carmen Pena, elderly sheltered at the families home.

"They [rescuers] took us on a boat and my wife and I stayed until the end making sure everyone made it out safe," Alvarez says.

An intense flooding of love between neighbors.

"It's like every day you have to get up and thank the Lord for your friends," Pena says.

Giving hope to others amongst this devastating storm.

"I don't care about material stuff. we have to be strong and rebuild the town of Port Arthur," Alvarez says.

We spoke with the Jefferson County justice of the peace, Burnett asked everyone to please call your loved ones in flooded areas to make sure they're okay.