A survey of gas stations around San Antonio will find either empty pumps or long lines. While drivers fear the worst, experts say that they’re not worried.

One San Antonio woman said that she drove straight to the nearest pump as soon as she heart the words “gas shortage.”

“I heard it on TV, radio, people talking about it just everywhere,” she said. “Everybody is talking about it.”

While concerned about supply, she remains skeptical.

“It’s hyped up, really. People are fighting at the pumps, cussing each other out. Just everything. It’s crazy,” she said.

Throughout the day Thursday, gas stations were crowded. The fear swept across the state. But state and transportation officials, including AAA, all of them are trying to reassure Texans that there is no reason to panic.

“Historically, after hurricanes like this, we do see these type of situations where supplies may be cut off for a few days because refineries are taken offline,” said Texas Railroad Commissioner Ryan Sitton, who added that there are 230 million barrels of gasoline in storage. “In two or three days, once people realize that there is plenty of gasoline, it just takes time to resupply it as people make these runs to the station and this will subside. This is what we’re doing right now.”

As for higher prices, the Teas Railroad Commission says that gas station owners are likely increasing the price in case they need to pay extra to get more fuel to the station.

On Thursday night, Mayor Ron Nirenberg tweeted that there was no gas shortage and that distribution issues are being resolved… along with a fitting clip from the film It’s a Wonderful Life.