Randolph Air Force Base's auxiliary air field in Seguin is serving as the main staging area for supplies to get to areas hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Already, FEMA has sent 4.2 million liters of water and 4 million meals ready to eat across Texas since Harvey made landfall.

It's a 24/7 operation that is happening in conjunction with the Air Force.

"The primary thing that's here is meals and water, but it's everything else as well. We've got everything here, from generators to portable shelters to just about anything you can imagine that a rescue worker might want," said Col. David Edwards, an emergency preparedness liaison officer with the Air Force.

FEMA employees are manning a logistics supply chain management system trailer where they work in coordination with state and local agencies to figure out what supplies impacted areas need, where those supplies need to go, and when they need to get there.

"FEMA tries to set up their incident staging bases away from an impact area," said Todd Tillung, a regional comptroller with FEMA. "So it wouldn't make sense to put something in that could potentially be impacted and would disrupt operations."