The iconic “I love tacos so much” wall at Viva Tacoland has gotten a new facelift to honor victims of Hurricane Harvey.

“If anything was going to make me do this, it's for my love for the people in Houston right now that are hurting,” said the anonymous artist that created the famous sign. “On Tuesday when I was watching the news and I saw a little boy on a roof waiting to be rescued, it kinda hit me.”

“Art expresses the things that sometimes words cannot, and it just so happens these are words that are quite appropriate,” Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. “This has become iconic for San Antonio, and the fact that, you know, at least for a while, its gonna express our gratitude and solidarity with the people of Houston, I think is pretty awesome.”

“Everyone that posts a picture to Instagram, we're gonna take one dollar from every picture posted with the hashtag #ILoveHoustonSoMuch and we're going to donate that to local charities that are helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey,” the artist said.

“Get out to the 100 block of west Grayson street over to Viva Tacoland and take a picture with our work of art that shows our neighbors how much we love them, our solidarity with the people of Houston, Texas,” the mayor said.

You'll have at least a week to come out to Viva Tacoland and take your picture post it to Instagram with the hashtag #ILoveHoustonSoMuch.