People in the San Antonio area have given generously for hurricane relief and Saturday is delivery day. Catholic Charities volunteers are taking more than $4 million in supplies to the Houston/Galveston area.

Call it a Texas-sized helping of heart.

Standing amid towering stacks of donated items, Antonio Fernandez laughed “This is big!”

Fernandez said that people of all faiths have helped with the effort.

“We have a mosque that donated items and we have many people who are not Catholic and they are coming to support us.” Fernandez noted.

Fernandez said that in the last three weeks, more than 500 volunteers have helped collect and sort donations.

“We don't know if they are Catholic or not and we don't care. We just want people who want to help people who suffer in Houston,” Fernandez said.

The amount of material collected is staggering. Their relief caravan is at least 65 vehicles strong. They said that they will use everything from big rigs to rented trucks to SUVs to transport everything they've got.

“People in San Antonio are very, very generous. We have half a million bottles of water, 250,000 diapers, and 40,000 pounds of food. You know people are amazingly great in San Antonio. We should be proud of who we are as a city,” Fernandez said.

“It's amazing, but I think, overall, San Antonio reaches out," said Diana Alonzo as she packed a labeled a box of brans new shoes. "This is what San Antonio is about.”

“We're organized, efficient, and trying to get the job done,” Victoria Martinez said.

And the work will continue. After Houston, the organization will be making more trips to help. And they say that everyone is invited.

Alonzo said

“We're all volunteers here and doing our part, as little as it may be but it goes a long way," Alonzo said. "If anyone wants to come help out, feel free!”

“We're not here for two days or a week or a month. We're going to be here for a long, long time," Fernandez said.

A note attached to a large box of diapers seemed to sum up the effort.

The note reads:

Dear Friends, I'm sorry for all your loss. I am thinking about you. Keep your head up. Good days are coming. We are thinking about you here.

To connect with Catholic Charities of San Antonio, you can visit their official website here.