BRAZORIA COUNTY, Texas - The only way to get around some parts of Brazoria County is by boat or military truck. In the small town of Richwood, 50 percent of it is underwater.

"There is more water coming," said Mayor Mark Guthrie.

It's a scary thought for families whose homes are already surrounded.

"You see everything happening in Houston, and then it happens here," said Liz Royer. "People think we're good because the sky is blue, but it's not."

The Brazos River hasn't even crested in Brazoria County, expected to crest near West Columbia by Monday, so county officials now made previously voluntary evacuations orders mandatory.

"It's so surreal and overwhelming," Royer said. "You see it as a fly in the wall and then it hits you, and your mom and your dad."

Families ventured in Saturday to grab what they could.

"I went back to my car and I just cried," Royer said.

Emotions in Richwood are bubbling up as the water continues to rise higher.

"We're a strong community that loves God," said Royer. "We'll make it through, but it's not easy."