Hundreds of hurricane evacuees are seeking shelter in New Braunfels.

The Salvation Army says that Church Hill Middle School is currently housing 228 people and is providing lunch and dinner for them.

Elizabeth Jackson fled from Jackson County and is staying at the emergency shelter with her family. She said that Hurricane Harvey is unlike anything she's ever experienced before.

"This is the fourth time, but the worst time because, living in Victoria, they have hit before but nothing like the rain and the aftermath. We've never had it this intense," Jackson recalled. "We left with nothing. We don't have anything."

Jackson County issued a voluntary evacuation. She said that after local law enforcement came knocking on their door, she left with her family. She noted that the help from volunteers at the shelter has given her and her family some comfort.

"We have never been in a place like we're visitors and we feel welcome. To the school district, letting us stay here, we thank them so much," Jackson said. "I'm trying to keep that in mind. As long as we are alright, it's hard, but that's the most important thing."