A mother and her two children narrowly escaped Tuesday’s storms after powerful winds ripped the roof right off their home in Guadalupe County.

Right now it's unclear if straight line winds or a tornado ripped the roof off of their home. Max Kutscher surveyed the damage inside his family's home on Wednesday morning.

"We've got a beautiful sunroof," said Kutscher as he stared into a hole in his ceiling.

Max's wife and two of their children left Tuesday afternoon after a friend called and told them that rough weather was coming.

"I think she missed the damage by 10 minutes. But thank God a friend of ours called and warned us to get out quickly, so if she would have delayed any longer, it would have been pretty scary," Kutscher said.

Outside, just a few feet away, a doll house, even a trampoline are untouched.

Despite the mangled roof, there is a silver-lining, or, to be more specific, a sheet rock lining.

"If this roof wasn't here right now, everything would be destroyed in the house," Kutscher noted.

The inside roof helped provide a barrier that protected much of the family's possessions. A higher power, according to Max, was protecting their lives.

"My kids, my wife, my family, we are together. That's what makes me happy,” he said. “The house doesn't mean anything.”

The American Red Cross has stepped in and is providing the family with hotel vouchers so they have a place to stay until they can get back on their feet.